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Reproducción humana asistida: Aspectos Jurídicos, Sociales y Psicológicos Actualizado esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor:Giuliana Baccino Buenaventura Coroleu Lletget Alberto Romeu
Edición: Tirant Lo Blanc, 2014
Precio: 31€

El enorme avance en el conocimiento de las bases moleculares de los procesos fisiológicos y de las bases de la enfermedad que se produce en la segunda mitad del siglo pasado da lugar a la configuración del llamado ?modelo biomédico o molecular del binomio salud-enfermedad?, cuya virtud fundamental ha sido no sólo dar explicación racional e integradora a la mayoría de los mecanismos patogénicos responsables de la patología humana, sino poner a disposición de los profesionales un conjunto de poderosos instrumentos preventivos, diagnósticos y terapéuticos, cuya eficacia constituye la mejor prueba de la validez del paradigma en el que están basados.
La medicina reproductiva, en el sentido actual de dicho concepto, nace no hace más de tres décadas, con la aparición y difusión de los tratamientos de reproducción asistida que incluyen la fecundación extracorpórea. Este enorme avance, cuya aplicación generalizada a la actividad clínica de los especialistas en reproducción humana representa el inicio del abordaje realmente eficaz de los trastornos de ésta, no es sino una consecuencia más, sin bien de singular significación, de la traslación a la clínica de los conocimientos en materia de biología celular, molecular, fisiopatología y epidemiología que la aludida "revolución molecular" de la biomedicina ha ido generando.

Religion as a Social Determinant of Public Health Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Editor: Ellen L. Idler
Edición: Oxford University Press,2014
ISBN: 978-0199362219
Precio: 42,50€

Frequently in partnership, but sometimes at odds, religious institutions and public health institutions work to improve the well-being of their communities. There is increasing awareness among public health professionals and the general public that the social conditions of poverty, lack of education, income inequality, poor working conditions, and experiences of discrimination play a dominant role in determining health status. But this broad view of the social determinants of health has largely ignored the role of religious practices and institutions in shaping the life conditions of billions around the globe.

In Religion as a Social Determinant of Public Health, leading scholars in the social sciences, public health, and religion address this omission by examining the embodied sacred practices of the world's religions, the history of alignment and tension between religious and public health institutions, the research on the health impact of religious practice throughout the life course, and the role of religious institutions in health and development efforts around the globe. In addition, the volume explores religion's role in the ongoing epidemics of HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer's disease, as well as preparations for an influenza pandemic. Together, these groundbreaking essays help complete the picture of the social determinants of health by including religion, which has until now been an invisible determinant.

Public Health Ethics Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Stephen Holland
Edición: Polity, 2014
Precio: 23,22€

How far should we go in protecting and promoting public health? Can we force people to give up unhealthy habits and make healthier choices? Should we stop treating smokers who refuse to give up smoking, for example, or put a tax on fatty foods and ban vending machines in schools to address the ?obesity epidemic?? Or can we nudge people towards healthy options without compromising their freedom to choose? Such questions are at the heart of public health ethics. In this second edition of his well respected textbook, Stephen Holland shows that to understand and debate these issues requires philosophy: moral philosophies, including utilitarianism and deontology, as well as political philosophies such as liberalism and communitarianism. And philosophy informs other aspects of public health, such as epidemiology, health promotion, and screening. The new edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect recent developments in the field. There is a new chapter on the ethics of 'harm reduction', looking at policies which aim to reduce the harmful effects of unhealthy behaviour, such as using illicit drugs, as opposed to trying to get people to abstain. Additional material has been added on the recent interest in 'nudging' people towards more healthy choices in a new theoretical section on libertarian paternalism, as well as more on debates on the ethics of other current public health policies, such as using financial incentives to get people to take more responsibility for their own health.Public Health Ethics provides a lively, accessible and philosophically informed introduction to such issues. As well as being an ideal textbook for students taking courses in public health ethics, Holland?s systematic discussion of the ethics of public health will engage and inform the more advanced reader too.

Rationing Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Setting Limits on Healthcare Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Philip M. Rosoff
Edición: The MIT Press, 2014
Precio: 24,76€

Most people would agree that the healthcare system in the United States is a mess. Healthcare accounts for a larger percentage of gross domestic product in the United States than in any other industrialized nation, but health outcomes do not reflect this enormous investment. In this book, Philip Rosoff offers a provocative proposal for providing quality healthcare to all Americans and controlling the out-of-control costs that threaten the economy. He argues that rationing -- often associated in the public's mind with such negatives as unplugging ventilators, death panels, and socialized medicine -- is not a dirty word. A comprehensive, centralized, and fair system of rationing is the best way to distribute the benefits of modern medicine equitably while achieving significant cost savings.Rosoff points out that certain forms of rationing already exist when resources are scarce and demand high: the organ transplant system, for example, and the distribution of drugs during a shortage. He argues that if we incorporate certain key features from these systems, healthcare rationing would be fair -- and acceptable politically. Rosoff considers such topics as fairness, decisions about which benefits should be subject to rationing, and whether to compensate those who are denied scarce resources. Finally, he offers a detailed discussion of what an effective and equitable healthcare rationing system would look like.

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice: Shared Values in the Abortion Debate Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: b) Inicio de la vida
Autor: Bertha Alvarez Manninen
Edición: Vanderbilt University Press,2014
ISBN: 978-0826519917
Precio: 24,95€

In this provocative and accessible book, the author defends a pro-choice perspective but also takes seriously pro-life concerns about the moral value of the human fetus, questioning whether a fetus is nothing more than "mere tissue." She examines the legal status of the fetus in the recent Personhood Amendments in state legislatures and in Supreme Court decisions and asks whether Roe v. Wade should have focused on the viability of the fetus or on the bodily integrity of the woman.

Manninen approaches the abortion controversy through a variety of perspectives and ethical frameworks. She addresses the social circumstances that influence many women's decision to abort and considers whether we believe that there are good and bad reasons to abort. Manninen also looks at the call for post-abortion fetal grieving rituals for women who desire them and the attempt to make room in the pro-choice position for the views of prospective fathers.

The Professional Responsibility Model of Perinatal Ethics Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autores: Frank A. Chervenak, Laurence B. McCullough
Edición: Walter De Gruyter Inc,2014
ISBN: 978-3110316605
Precio: 139,02€

Perinatologists confront many ethical challenges in clinical care and research for which they need ethically sound, clinically practical guidance for clinical judgment and decision making with their patients. This is the first book to address these challenges in a clinically practical and comprehensive way. The unique feature of the book is its deployment of the professional responsibility model of perinatal ethics and the ethical concept of the fetus as a patient. The authors, a perinatologist and philosopher, have collaborated for more than thirty years.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Science, Technology and Social Sciences (ICSTSS) 2012 Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Editores: Azman Kasim, Wan Siti Atikah, Nor Hidayatun Abdul Razak, & 3 more
Edición: Springer, 2014
Precio: 303,11€

This biannual conference in Pahang, Malaysia, is a clearing house for many of the latest research findings in a highly multidisciplinary field. The contributions span a host of academic disciplines which are themselves rapidly evolving, making this collection of 90 selected papers an invaluable snapshot of an arena of pure and applied science that produces many versatile innovations. The book covers a multitude of topics ranging from the sciences (pure and applied) to technology (computing and engineering), and on to social science disciplines such as business, education, and linguistics.

The papers have been carefully chosen to represent the leading edge of the current research effort, and come from individuals and teams working right around the globe. They are a trusted point of reference for academicians and students intending to pursue higher-order research projects in relevant fields, and form a major contribution to the international exchange of ideas and strategies in the various technological and social science disciplines. It is the sheer scope of this volume that ensures its relevance in a scientific climate with a marked trend towards disciplinary synthesis.

The Politics of Invisibility: Public Knowledge about Radiation Health Effects after Chernobyl Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Olga Kuchinskaya
Edición: The MIT Press, 2014
Precio: 20,39€

Before Fukushima, the most notorious large-scale nuclear accident the world had seen was Chernobyl in 1986. The fallout from Chernobyl covered vast areas in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Europe. Belarus, at the time a Soviet republic, suffered heavily: nearly a quarter of its territory was covered with long-lasting radionuclides. Yet the damage from the massive fallout was largely imperceptible; contaminated communities looked exactly like noncontaminated ones. It could be known only through constructed representations of it. In <I>The Politics of Invisibility</I>, Olga Kuchinskaya explores how we know what we know about Chernobyl, describing how the consequences of a nuclear accident were made invisible. Her analysis sheds valuable light on how we deal with other modern hazards -- toxins or global warming -- that are largely imperceptible to the human senses.Kuchinskaya describes the production of invisibility of Chernobyl's consequences in Belarus -- practices that limit public attention to radiation and make its health effects impossible to observe. Just as mitigating radiological contamination requires infrastructural solutions, she argues, the production and propagation of invisibility also involves infrastructural efforts, from redefining the scope and nature of the accident's consequences to reshaping research and protection practices. Kuchinskaya finds vast fluctuations in recognition, tracing varyingly successful efforts to conceal or reveal Chernobyl's consequences at different levels -- among affected populations, scientists, government, media, and international organizations. The production of invisibility, she argues, is a function of power relations.

Metodología de las ciencias sociales Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: M) Otros temas
Autor: John Gerring
Edición: Alianza, 2014
Precio: 34€

Este excepcional manual de John Gerring ofrece en un solo volumen una introducción a la metodología de las ciencias sociales que se puede utilizar para las disciplinas de la antropología, la economía, la historia, la ciencia política, la psicología y la sociología. Será de gran utilidad para estudiantes, profesionales y metodólogos, y trata tanto de los métodos cuantitativos como de los cualitativos, prestando especial atención a elementos esenciales como la conceptualización, la medición, la causalidad y el diseño de la investigación. Sintetiza el amplio y diverso campo de la metodología de una manera clara, concisa y exhaustiva, por lo que presenta al lector una imprescindible visión general de la materia. La reflexión sobre la metodología a través de esta lente proporciona un nuevo marco para comprender el mundo en las ciencias sociales.

Responsibility in Nanotechnology Development (The International Library of Ethics, Law and Technolog Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Editores: Simone Arnaldi, Arianna Ferrari, Paolo Magaudda, Francesca Marin
Edición: Springer, 2014
ISBN: 978-9401791021

This book disentangles the complex meanings of responsibility in nanotechnology development by focusing on its theoretical and empirical dimensions. The notion of responsibility is extremely diversified in the public discourse of nanoscale technologies. Addressed are major disciplinary perspectives working on nanotechnology, e.g. philosophy, sociology, and political science, as well as the major multidisciplinary areas relevant to the innovation process, e.g. technology assessment and ethics. Furthermore, the interplay between such expertises, disciplines, and research programmes in providing a multidisciplinary understanding of responsibility is emphasized.

Paul Ricouer: Le cogito blessé et sa réception africaine Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Vincent Davy Kacou
Edición: L'Harmattan, 2014
ISBN: 978-2-343-03713-4
Precio: 12,83€

L'auteur nous fait redécouvrir les premiers philosophes à avoir abordé la question du "je", du "moi", du "sujet" (Descartes, Husserl, Nietzsche), ce que Paul Ricoeur appelle le "cogito blessé ou brisé". Selon lui, c'est en s'éloignant d'une réflexivité immédiate sur soi, en faisant le détour par les médiations, que l'on peut espérer mieux se connaître soi-même. Cette étude est donc essentiellement un procès du cogito cartésien.

Mental Health in South Asia: Ethics, Resources, Programs and Legislation Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Editores: Arun Kumar Trivedi, A. K. Tripathi
Edición: Springer, 2014
Precio: 147,13€

Asia is by far the largest continent in the world in terms of area with population exceeding 3.5 billion and has dozens of cultures, religions, languages and ethnic groups. As a result of its highly varied political systems, Asia also spawns a wide variety of health care systems including mental health care systems, often based on historical roots and at times colonial heritages. The people who suffer from mental or neurological disorders in the continent form a vulnerable section of society and often face stigma, discrimination and marginalization in all societies, and this increases the likelihood that their human rights will be violated This book tackles the issue of mental health legislation in South Asia. The first of its kind, it addresses an issue that is necessary for protecting the rights of people with mental disorders and serves as an essential text for reinforcing mental health policy in South Asia. It is a timely addition to our global understanding of mental health and how different regions address it.

Potentiality: Metaphysical and Bioethical Dimensions Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Editor: John P. Lizza
Edición: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014
ISBN: 978-1421411743
Precio: 47,44€

What is the moral status of humans lacking the potential for consciousness? The concept of potentiality often tips the scales in life-and-death medical decisions. Some argue that all human embryos have the potential to develop characteristics-such as consciousness, intellect, and will-that we normally associate with personhood. Individuals with total brain failure or in a persistent vegetative state are thought to lack the potential for consciousness or any other mental function. Or do they? In Potentiality John Lizza gathers classic articles alongside newly commissioned chapters from leading thinkers who analyze the nature of potentiality in bioethics, a concept central to a number of important debates. The contributors illustrate how considerations of potentiality and potential persons complicate the analysis of the moral consideration of persons at the beginning and end of life. A number of works explicitly uncover the Aristotelian background of the concept, while others explore philosophical issues about persons, dispositions, and possibility. The common assumption that potentiality is intrinsic to whatever has the potentiality is challenged by a relational view of persons, an extrinsic account of dispositions, and attention to how extrinsic factors affect realistic possibilities. Although potentiality has figured prominently in bioethical literature, it has not received a great deal of logical, semantic, and metaphysical analysis in contemporary philosophical literature. This collection will bring these thorny philosophical issues to the fore. Incorporating cutting-edge research on the topic of potentiality, this thought-provoking collection will interest bioethicists, philosophers, health care professionals, attorneys engaged in medical and health issues, and hospital and governmental committees who advise on policy and law concerning issues at the beginning and end of life.

How to write clear medical messages: What to write and what not to write Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: g) Relación clínica con el paciente
Autor: Patrick Wulf Hanson
Edición: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014
ISBN: 978-1500163532
Precio: 8,99€

Communicating successful medical messages is all about knowing what to write and what not to write. This comes from knowledge and understanding of both the science and the target audience. How to write clear medical messages provides easy to understand practical information that will help you communicate clear, accurate and easy to understand messages to your target audience. When you are certain that your message is important and worth sharing, you need to define and understand your target audience. You need to establish what they know and what they need to know before you plan what to communicate. To ensure that your message achieves its purpose it is not only important to know what to communicate. It is just as important to know what not to communicate. This book offers valuable advice about how to ensure that your audience receives and understands your message and that it leads to the desired effect – no matter what you initially intended it to be.

Medical Humanities: An Introduction Nuevo esta semana

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Thomas R. Cole, Nathan S. Carlin, Ronald A. Carson
Edición: Cambridge University Press, 2014
ISBN: 978-1107614178

This textbook brings the humanities to students in order to evoke the humanity of students. It helps to form individuals who take charge of their own minds, who are free from narrow and unreflective forms of thought, and who act compassionately in their public and professional worlds. Using concepts and methods of the humanities, the book addresses undergraduate and premed students, medical students, and students in other health professions, as well as physicians and other healthcare practitioners. It encourages them to consider the ethical and existential issues related to the experience of disease, care of the dying, health policy, religion and health, and medical technology. Case studies, images, questions for discussion, and role-playing exercises help readers to engage in the practical, interpretive, and analytical aspects of the material, developing skills for critical thinking as well as compassionate care.

The Picture of Health: Medical Ethics and the Movies

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Editor: Henri Colt, Silvia Quadrelli, and Friedman Lester
Edición: Oxford University Press, 2014
Precio: 41,95$

The essays collected here are written in an accessible style by international experts.
Contributors approach the topic of bioethics in film from various perspectives including medicine, social sciences, and the humanities.

Suffering Narratives of Older Adults: A Phenomenological Approach to Serious Illness, Chronic Pain,

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Mary Beth Quaranta Morrissey
Edición: Routledge, 2014
Precio: 124,83$

In Suffering Narratives of Older Adults, Mary Beth Quaranta Morrissey turns to the traditions of phenomenology, humanistic psychology and social work to provide an in-depth exploration of the deep structure of the suffering experience. She draws upon the notion of maternal holding to develop an original construct of maternal affordances – the ground of possibility for human development, agency and relational practices. The conceptual analysis is based on the life narratives of several elders receiving chronic care in facility environments.

Medical Ethics: Premodern Negotiations between Medicine and Philosophy

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Editor: Mariacarla Gadebusch Bondio
Edición: Franz Steiner Verlag,2014
Precio: 50,91€

Ethical issues are inherent in medicine. Morally appropriate forms of medical behaviour, the thorough communication of diagnosis and prognosis, and carefully evaluated treatment promising recovery have been among the standards of medical ethics down to the present day. The testimonies of a lively tradition, which since antiquity has contributed to the permanent critical reflection of medicine, constitute the cultural background of contemporary bioethics. They demonstrate how fertile the dialogue between medicine and philosophy on ethical questions can be. This also includes the critical examination of the objects, aims, methods and boundaries of the physicians profession and of medical research. These boundaries have had throughout history to be constantly renegotiated and defined, and not only in the 21st century.

Medicines, Ethics and Practice: The Professional Guide for Pharmacists

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Edición:Pharmaceutical Pr, 2014
ISBN: 978-0857111500
Precio: 65,35$

Medicines, Ethics and Practice is the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's established professional guide for pharmacists.

Plato's Rivalry with Medicine: A Struggle and Its Dissolution

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Susan B. Levis
Edición: Oxford University Press,2014
ISBN: 978-0199919802
Precio: 53,52€

While scholars typically view Plato's engagement with medicine as uniform and largely positive, Susan B. Levin argues that from the Gorgias through the Laws, his handling of medicine unfolds in several key phases. Further, she shows that Plato views medicine as an important rival for authority on phusis (nature) and eudaimonia (flourishing). Levin's arguments rest on careful attention both to Plato and to the Hippocratic Corpus.

Levin shows that an evident but unexpressed tension involving medicine's status emerges in the Gorgias and is explored in Plato's critiques of medicine in the Symposium and Republic. In the Laws, however, this rivalry and tension dissolve. Levin addresses the question of why Plato's rivalry with medicine is put to rest while those with rhetoric and poetry continue. On her account, developments in his views of human nature, with their resulting impact on his political thought, drive Plato's striking adjustments involving medicine in the Laws.

Law and Global Health: Current Legal Issues

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autores: Michael Freeman, Sarah Hawkes, Belinda Bennett
Edición: Oxford University Press, 2014
ISBN: 978-0199688999
Precio: 153,79$

Current Legal Issues, like its sister volume Current Legal Problems (now available in journal format), is based upon an annual colloquium held at University College London. Each year leading scholars from around the world gather to discuss the relationship between law and another discipline of thought. Each colloquium examines how the external discipline is conceived in legal thought and argument, how the law is pictured in that discipline, and analyses points of controversy in the use, and abuse, of extra-legal arguments within legal theory and practice.

Law and Global Health, the sixteenth volume in the Current Legal Issues series, offers an insight into the scholarship examining the relationship between global health and the law. Covering a wide range of areas from all over the world, articles in the volume look at areas of human rights, vulnerable populations, ethical issues, legal responses and governance.

Sedation at the End-of-life: An Interdisciplinary Approach

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Paulina Taboada
Edición: Springer, 2015
Precio: 110,19$

The book’s main contribution is its interdisciplinary approach to the issue of sedation at the end-of-life. Because it occurs at the end of life, palliative sedation raises a number of important ethical and legal questions, including whether it is a covert form of euthanasia and for what purposes it may legally be used. Many of the book chapters address the first question and almost all deal with a specific form of the second: whether palliative sedation should be used for those experiencing “existential suffering”? This raises the question of what existential suffering is, a topic that is also discussed in the book. The different chapters address these issues from the perspectives of the relevant disciplines: Palliative Medicine, Bioethics, Law and Theology. Hence, helpful accounts of the clinical and historical background for this issue are provided and the importance of drawing accurate ethical and legal distinctions is stressed throughout the whole book. So the volume represents a valuable contribution to the emerging literature on this topic and should be helpful across a broad spectrum of readers: philosophers, theologians and physicians.

Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety, Second Edition: Risks, Regulation, and Management

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Editor: Matthew Hull, Diana Bowman
Edición: William Andrew, 2014
Precio: 153,98$

Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety, Second Edition focuses not only on the impact of nanotechnology and the discipline of nanotoxicity, but also explains each of these disciplines through in the context of management requirements and via risk scenarios - providing an overview of regulation, risk management, and exposure. Contributors thoroughly explain environmental health and safety (EHS) issues, financial implications, foreseeable risks (e.g., exposure, dose, hazards of nanomaterials), occupational hygiene, and consumer protection.

Is evidence-based psychiatry ethical?

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Categoría: e) Enfermedades y tratamientos
Autor: Mona Gupta
Edición: Oxford University Press, 2014
Precio: 43,96$

Rated as one of the top 15 breakthroughs in medicine over the last 150 years, evidence-based medicine (EBM) has become highly influential in medicine. Put simply, EBM promotes a seemingly irrefutable, principle: that decision-making in medical practice should be based, as much as possible, on the most up-to-date research findings. EBM has been particularly popular within psychiatry, a field that is haunted by a legacy of controversial interventions. For advocates, anchoring psychiatric practice in research data makes psychiatry more scientific valid and ethically legitimate. Few, however, have questioned whether EBM, a concept pioneered by those working in other areas of medicine, can be applied to psychiatric disorders.

In this groundbreaking book, the Canadian psychiatrist and ethicist Mona Gupta analyzes the basic assumptions of EBM, and critically examines their applicability to psychiatry. By highlighting the basic ethical tensions between psychiatry and EBM, the author addresses the fundamental and controversial question - should psychiatrists practice evidence-based medicine at all?

Medical Ethics: Or, a Code of Institutes and Precepts, Adapted to the Professional Conduct of Physic

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Thomas Percival
Edición: Cambridge University Press, 2014
ISBN: 978-1108067225
Precio: 17,96$

A physician and medical reformer enthused by the scientific and cultural progress of the Enlightenment as it took hold in Britain, Thomas Percival (1740-1804) wrote on many topics, but he was particularly concerned about public health issues arising from the factory conditions of the Industrial Revolution. Calling for improved standards of care, he believed that the working poor should be treated the same as wealthy private clients. Following a disastrous dispute in 1792 which closed the Manchester Infirmary's Fever Hospital during an epidemic, Percival was asked to draft regulations on professional medical conduct. In 1794 he privately circulated a tract, Medical Jurisprudence, which he later revised for this 1803 publication. Based on Hippocratic and Christian principles, Percival's work is considered the first modern formulation of doctor-patient etiquette. His Essays Medical and Experimental (revised edition, 1772-3) and the four volumes of his collected works (1807) are also reissued in this series.

The Light: Our Moral Compass

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: James T. Reuteler
Edición: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform,2014
ISBN: 978-1500610685
Precio: 6,60€

The Light, (Our Moral Compass) is a book on how we make moral decisions. The first four chapters offer a summary of the various options.Chapter 5 deals with the author’s primary approach to how a Christian approaches moral decision-making. Chapters 8 through 12 deal with some examples of how the author applies The Light.

International Handbook of Research in Professional and Practice-based Learning

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Editor: Stephen Billett, Christian Harteis, Hans Gruber
Edición: Springer, 2014
Precio: 485,86$

The International Handbook of Research in Professional and Practice-based Learning discusses what constitutes professionalism, examines the concepts and practices of professional and practice-based learning, including associated research traditions and educational provisions. It also explores professional learning in institutions of higher and vocational education as well the practice settings where professionals work and learn, focusing on both initial and ongoing development and how that learning is assessed.
The Handbook features research from expert contributors in education, studies of the professions, and accounts of research methodologies from a range of informing disciplines. It is organized in two parts. The first part sets out conceptions of professionalism at work, how professions, work and learning can be understood, and examines the kinds of institutional practices organized for developing occupational capacities. The second part focuses on procedural issues associated with learning for and through professional practice, and how assessment of professional capacities might progress.

Toward Post Ageing: Technology in an Ageing Society

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Katarina Felsted, Scott D. Wright
Edición: Springer, 2014
Precio: 115,91€

This book examines the emergent and expanding role of technologies that hold both promise and possible peril for transforming the ageing process in this century. It discusses the points and counterpoints of technological advances that would influence a reconstruction of what it means to age when embedded in a post-human vision for a post-biological future.

The book presents a provocative interdisciplinary meta-analysis that contrasts paradigms with inflection points, making the case that society has entered a new inflection point, provisionally labeled as Post Ageing. It goes on to discuss the moderate and radical versions of this inflection point and the philosophical issues that need to be addressed with the advent of post ageing activities: postponing and possibly ending ageing, primarily through technological advances.

This book will be a valuable resource for professionals who wish to review the continuum of varied constructs and intersects of technologies ranging from those purporting to enhance the activities of daily living in older adults, to those that would enable the older worker to stay competitive in the labor market, to those that propose to extend longevity and, ultimately, claim to transcend ageing itself—moving toward a transhumanistic domain, and more specifically, a post-ageing inflection point.

Trafico de Orgaos no Brasil: O que a mafia nao quer que voce saiba

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Paulo Airton Pavesi
Edición: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform,2013
ISBN: 978-1494442392
Precio: 14,85€

O livro relata um caso real de trafico de orgaos, acontecido no Brasil, na cidade de Poços de Caldas em Minas Gerais. Graças a um esforço pessoal e incondicional, o pai do garoto começou a investigar o esquema e descobriu a existencia de uma grande rede envolvendo hospitais e clinicas particulares, com o objetivo de vender orgaos. O governo brasileiro tem se esforçado para que o caso nao seja divulgado. Leia o livro e descubra como funciona esta mafia e quem sao seus membros.

Human Subjects Research after the Holocaust

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Editor: Sheldon Rubenfeld, Susan Benedict
Edición: Springer, 2014
ISBN: 978-3319057019

Human Subjects Research after the Holocaust challenges you to confront the misguided medical ethics of the Third Reich personally, and to apply the lessons learned to contemporary human subjects research. While it is comforting to believe that Nazi physicians, nurses, and bioscientists were either incompetent, mad, or few in number, they were, in fact, the best in the world at the time, and the vast majority participated in the government program of “applied biology.” They were not coerced to behave as they did—they enthusiastically exploited widely accepted eugenic theories to design horrendous medical experiments, gas chambers and euthanasia programs, which ultimately led to mass murder in the concentration camps. Americans provided financial support for their research, modeled their medical education and research after the Germans, and continued to perform unethical human subjects research even after the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial. The German Medical Association apologized in 2012 for the behavior of its physicians during the Third Reich. By examining the medical crimes of human subjects researchers during the Third Reich, you will naturally examine your own behavior and that of your colleagues, and perhaps ask yourself "If the best physicians and bioscientists of the early 20th century could do evil while believing they were doing good, can I be certain that I will never do the same?"

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