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The Ethics of Plea Bargaining Popular

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: Richard L. Lippke
Edición: Oxford University Press, 2011
Precio: 60 Libras

Presents the first extended analysis of the normative arguments underlying the morality of plea bargaining
Integrates philosophical and legal materials on plea bargaining and legal punishment, situating plea bargaining within the framework of larger criminal justice practices
Draws on a comparative study of different plea bargaining practices in the US, UK, and Europe
Suggests reforms to the current plea bargaining systems, outlining the case for its continuation in a revised and restrained fashion
The practice of plea bargaining plays a hugely significant role in the adjudication of criminal charges and has provoked intense debate about its legitimacy. This book offers the first full-length philosophical analysis of the ethics of plea bargaining. It develops a sustained argument for restrained forms of the practice and against the free-wheeling versions that predominate in the United States.

In countries that have endorsed plea bargains, such as the United States, upwards of ninety percent of criminal defendants plead guilty rather than go to trial. Yet trials, which grant a presumption of innocence to defendants and place a substantial burden of proof on the state to establish guilt, are widely regarded as the most appropriate mechanisms for fairly and accurately assigning criminal sanctions. How is it that many countries have abandoned the formal rules and rigorous standards of public trials in favor of informal and veiled negotiations between state officials and criminal defendants concerning the punishment to which the latter will be subjected? More importantly, how persuasive are the myriad justifications that have been provided for plea bargaining? These are the questions addressed in this book.

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