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Bioethical Decision Making in Nursing, Fifth Edition Popular

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Categoría: a) Fundamentación de la bioética
Autor: James H. Husted, Gladys Husted, Carrie Scotto
Edición: Springer, 2014
Precio: 75$

Fourth Edition Named a 2013 Doody's Core Title

""This book provides a systematic approach to bioethical decision making, a process that can help clarify situations where right and wrong are not clearly defined. This is] a valuable book for ethics and theory courses."" Score: 100, 5 stars --Doody's Review of the Fourth Edition

More relevant today than ever, Husted and Husted's classic nursing ethics text provides a practical framework to help nurses engage with patients to make difficult ethical decisions. It delivers a systematic approach to bioethical decision-making that can help clarify situations where "right" and "wrong" are not clearly defined. An abundance of case studies provide practice in bioethical decision-making, with nearly 60 bioethical dilemmas analyzed in detail. The fifth edition has been reorganized and rewritten to facilitate increased readability and to engage readers more fully in learning. It includes two new chapters, Moral Distress and Bioethical Decision Making in Nursing, additional case studies, and abundant tables, diagrams and graphics that reinforce the text discussion.

The book is grounded in the concept of "Symphonia" which, within the health care arena, is the study of agreements between health care professionals and patients and the ethical implications of these agreements. It is intended promote the welfare of both patient and health care provider. The new chapter on Moral Distress offers coping techniques for situations in which a nurse has an ethical issue with a standard of care but is powerless to change that care; the new chapter on Intersections Between Legal and Bioethical Decision Making in Nursing focuses on situations that an be interpreted as either moral and illegal or immoral and legal. The fifth edition also features a new section on ethical colleagueship, providing support to relieve common dilemmas among health care professionals. An updated digital teacher's manual provides chapter summaries, major focus areas, a wealth of classroom activities, PowerPoint slides, resolution for cases that are unresolved in the text, and a test bank.

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