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Clinical Ethics and the Necessity of Stories: Essays in Honor of Richard M. Zaner Popular

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Categoría: g) Relación clínica con el paciente
Editors: Osborne P. Wiggins, Annette C. Allen
Edición: Springer, 2011
ISBN: 978-9048191895
Precio: 139 €

This collection of articles honors the work of Richard Zaner, a distinguished philosopher who has worked for over twenty years as an ethics consultant at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. His work in the clinical setting, especially the use of narrative in understanding what is going on in this setting is the focus of some of the papers, others relate his methodology and phenomenological approach to the more standard bioethical problemata and approaches. The essential questions: what then is the role of the philosopher turned medical ethicists? Is medical ethics a form of applied philosophy, or is it also a form of therapy? distinguish Zaner's phenomenology from hermeneutical philosophy.

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