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The Institute for the Biocultural Study of Religion (IBCSR) Visitado

Institute Mission Statement

The Institute develops, supports, and catalyzes research initiatives into the manifold functions of religion. This involves:

* conducting research at the intersection of culture and the mind, focusing on religious behaviors, beliefs, and experiences;
* sponsoring the research efforts of others in this area;
* coordinating international research projects in order to achieve large sample sizes and to register cultural differences; and
* involving multiple disciplines—including cognitive sciences, medical sciences, social sciences, psychology, religious studies, and humanities—to produce interpretations of religious behaviors, beliefs, and experiences with the requisite sophistication and sensitivity.


The Institute provides an institutional locus for training people to conduct cutting-edge research into the biocultural functions of religion. This involves:

* providing established investigators interested in the topic with fast-track resources necessary to get them involved in research into the biocultural functions of religion;
* introducing undergraduate and graduate students to the numerous tasks of such research;
* sponsoring graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in such research; and
* establishing and nurturing affiliations with universities that seek education grounded in the biocultural study of religion for their undergraduate and graduate students.
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