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Enfermedades y tratamientos : Error trawling and fringe decision competence: Ethical hazards in monitoring...
Enviado por Biblio on 16/10/2018 10:01:00 (178 Lecturas)

Hartvigsson T, Munthe C, Forsander G. Error trawling and fringe decision competence: Ethical hazards in monitoring and address patient decision capacity in clinical practice. Clinical Ethics, 2018;13(3):126-136.
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This article addresses how health professionals should monitor and safeguard their patients’ ability to participate in making clinical decisions and making subsequent decisions regarding the implementation of their treatment plan. Patient participation in clinical decision-making is essential, e.g. in self-care, where patients are responsible for most ongoing care. We argue that one common, fact-oriented patient education strategy may in practice easily tend to take a destructive form that we call error trawling. Illustrating with empirical findings from a video study of consultations between clinicians and adolescent patients with diabetes, we argue on independent grounds that this strategy not only risks to overlook significant weaknesses in patient decision competence, but also to undermine patient capacity for decision-making and implementing care. In effect, this strategy for clinically monitoring and addressing the problem of fragile decision-making capacity brings hazards in need of address. We close by suggesting complementary and alternative strategies, and comment on how these may call for broadened competency among clinical health professionals

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