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Fundamentación de la bioética : Home Safety Issues Experienced by People with Mental Health Conditions...
Enviado por Biblio on 14/2/2019 13:53:00 (103 Lecturas)

Désormeaux-Moreau M, Aubin G, Larivière N. Home Safety Issues Experienced by People with Mental Health Conditions: Theoretical reflection on related ethical issues. Journal of Ethics in Mental Health. 2017; 10. 6p.

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Community mental health practitioners sometimes witness situations where the home safety of a person with a mental health condition is compromised. This paper reports the results of a literature review targeting key ethical issues these practitioners may experience. The conflicts between the identified issues, namely the right to autonomy, the duty of beneficence, safety concerns, public welfare, and care, are illustrated with clinical scenarios and then explained. The goal of this article is to promote reflection among those who encounter such situations in their practice, mainly by drawing attention to the importance of recognizing the ethical issues related to home safety problems.

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