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22 Feb 2018(Jue)
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EFGCP Annual Conference 2018
Compliance, Complexity & Collaboration
Proposals for System Re-design to Master the Human Factor and Risk Management

Hotel Renaissance, Brussels, Belgium
Organised by EFGCP

For 24 years, EFGCP has united the interests of researchers, patients, sponsors, competent authorities and ethicists in clinical research. Over that time, the research environment has become increasingly complex to navigate while facing ever-changing global regulations and guidance. While technological developments can help us to manage complexity and improve compliance, they come with their own challenges and there is still much to be done on the third vital element: the “Human Factor” in clinical research. EFGCP is therefore dedicating the 2018 Annual Conference to the consideration of challenges we all face, while identifying strategies with which to keep our research compliant and efficient. Though we may compete with each other, our interests in furthering clinical development are held in common. We can all gain from collaboration. Working in a corner is no longer pragmatic for any of us: mutually beneficial collaboration is the only way to succeed. Speakers at this conference come from all aspects of clinical research, including those who inspect on behalf of our governments.

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Conferencia “Longevidad indefinida: sueño o pesadilla”
Ciclo de conferencias organizadas por la Oficina del Club de Roma en Barcelona, junto con la Obra Social ”la Caixa”.
Tendrá lugar en Barcelona, Palau Macaya, el jueves día 22 de febrero de 2018, a las 19 h.

Desde el transhumanismo se postula la superación de la mortalidad y el logro de una longevidad indefinida. ¿Qué cuestiones plantea la prolongación de la longevidad en el conjunto de la sociedad humana?

Margarita Bofarull, presidenta del Patronato del Institut Borja de Bioètica-URL participa en la mesa redonda sobre el tema del transhumanismo.

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Este evento viene de bioetica & debat