Quick Extender Pro Packages

Value Edition

Product Details

3 / 5



Silicone tubes, rods, comfort pads


Money back

180 days

Tension springs


Deluxe Standard

Product Details

4 / 5



Silicone tubes, rods, comfort pads


Money back

180 days

Tension springs


Deluxe Limited

Product Details

5 / 5



Silicone tubes, rods, comfort pads, memory foam pads, penis pump, wooden box

full set

Money Back

180 days

Tension springs


Peyronies and Curvature

Product Details

5 / 5



Silicone tubes, rods, comfort pads, memory foam pads


Money Back


Tension springs


Quick Extender Pro User Review

I have been using this penis extender for more than a year now and I am ready to share my experience, mistakes, tips, and findings in working with this extender.

Quick Extender Pro is a rod extender that differs from any other devices of this type in the following ways:

  1. It has two, not one, nooses for the head of the penis. You can hold the penis more securely and the load on the penis from the weight of the device is distributed over two points of retention rather than one
  2. Super comfortable Memory Foam pads are included in the Deluxe Limited Edition package. They give you an incredible level of comfort when using. They are breathable so that bacterial infections do not occur at the place of their use.
  3. A penis pump is also included in the Deluxe Limited package. Pumping can significantly improve your penis enlargement results by stretching the penis tissue with a vacuum.
  4. Quick Extender Pro is sold in 4 packs. Each of them is distinguished by its set of accessories and spring power. In the simplest Value edition package, you’ll find 3000 gr springs, just a few rods, two silicone tubes, and two comfort pads. In the Deluxe Standard package, you will already have more rods, 3500 gr springs, more silicone tubes, and comfort pads in the set. Peyronies and Curvature package is designed specifically for those men who want to use the penis traction technique to straighten their penis with an up to 4000 gr of tension. It comes with reinforced springs and the maximum number of accessories for comfort.

Quick Extender Pro PROS/CONS Reviewed

You need to learn the good and bad about this penis extender before you buy


  • Unique design made for safety and comfort
  • Lightweigh and small device
  • Medically approved, clinically tested device Class 1
  • Warranty and money-back
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Quality penis extender made in USA
  • 4 packages available for penis enlargement and straightening


  • The cheapest package includes few accessories
  • It's pretty hard to set up the right tension level
  • 4000g springs not possible to use in real routine
  • You have to take off the device every 30-45 mins
  • There's no band aid included in the kit
  • Penis slippage is possible no matter of the DSS system used
  • Some men can't use 2 nooses and only use one

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Quick Extender Pro Advantages

  1. Unlike the rubber straps found on most extenders of this type, the Quick Extender Pro instead of them, uses silicone nooses, which are very comfortable when using comfort pads and memory foam pads. They are necessary so that while wearing the device, you can minimize any uncomfortable friction between the silicone tube and the head of the penis. This very place of contact for holding the head in the device is the most problematic in terms of wearing the device. Usually, the penis is wrapped with some kind of plaster or rubber pad to reduce discomfort.
  2. The double DSS mount system holds the penis tightly in the extender and maintains tension settings for efficient use of the device
  3. Quick Extender Pro is super light and comfortable to wear. You can hide it under your clothes and even go outside with it, hiding it in your underwear. Visually, it will be imperceptible
  4. Class 1 medical device that has passed all medical certifications and is recommended for use by physicians.
  5. The manufacturer is so confident in his device, so that he gives a 2-year warranty on it.
  6. The price of the extender is meager compared to other analogs, and the number of accessories provided in the extender packages
  7. You can hide Quick Extender Pro under your clothing when you go out of the home

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How to Assemble

  1. You need to assemble it according to the instruction
  2. For use, you can choose one of two types of comfort pads
  3. You can also fix silicone tubes so that they do not interfere while wearing
  4. Prepare to put on the extender – take it in your hands and squeeze – The springs will be compressed
  5. Next, put the device on the penis and tighten the silicone tube under the head of the penis. Try not to be tight, but the penis does not slip out of the loop
  6. Previously, the penis can be wrapped with a plaster in the place where the silicone loop will wrap around the penis
  7. Decompress the springs, if you set everything up correctly – you will feel pressure on the penis. Now it will stretch
  8. Make sure that there are 2 and not 3 dashes on the side of the bars, this means that there is tension
  9. Watch how you feel and how hard the penis is squeezed. If you see that the head of the penis turns blue while wearing the extender, release the loops, and press the head of the penis, it will immediately bleed and you can tighten the silicone tube again
  10. Wear the extender for at least 1 hour without taking it off, in total, you need to wear it for at least 3 hours a day with breaks
  11. If you want to go to the toilet, you can safely release the loop, remove the extender and put it on again.
  12. I recommend using Jelqing techniques for 15 minutes a day
  13. You can also use penis pumping for better results

How to use Quick Extender Pro

step 1

Setup the leght of the rods

You need to clearly adjust the extender to the parameters of your penis – its length and girth. Screw rods according to User size , which is calculated like this – subtract 4 cm from the erect length of your penis

step 2

Silicone tubes

Decide how many silicone tubes you will use – two or one. Using just one tube can be an efficient and more comfortable option

step 3

Comfort pads

If your device package includes Memory Foam Pads , choose these as they create the perfect protection for the penis from discomfort while wearing the device

step 5

Penis enlargement routine

Add a 0.5 cm barbell every one to two weeks to increase the traction of the penis tissues. It is due to the increase in load due to the constant use of the device, tissue cells begin to divide, creating additional scar tissue, which will now be permanent.

step 7

Weekly usage

Quick Extender Pro should be used for at least 3-4 hours a day and the first session can be between 40 and 90 minutes depending on how long you practice using the extender

step 4

Learning the tension

Depending on the pressure of your springs, you can understand your tension in the current settings.

step 6

Usage breaks

Take breaks every hour, stretch your penis after using the device. Breaks are necessary to disperse the blood in the penis and alternate between stress and rest. It’s like a gym workout where you do sets and breaks in between.

step 8

1 or 2 loops

You can decide how many nooses to use according to your comfort level. If your penis is slipping out one noose, use two



My Quick Extender Pro Results(Before/After) Pictures

1st month of use

The first results from the use of the extender are noticeable after a month – this is expressed in:

  1. Improving erection
  2. Increasing the size of an erection
  3. Enhancement of sexual desire

2-3rd months

  1. The first changes occur in the size of the penis, it can increase up to 0.5 inches in length. The first growth is always very important, even if not significant, because it shows that you are doing everything right: extender settings, time, and method of wearing
  2. Also, the erection becomes much harder and you can have sex longer.

4th 5th month

It was after 4 months that I began an active period of penis growth, I have already hung an additional 5 rods of 0.5 inches. It is best to buy the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited package as it has the largest number of rods of different lengths for fine-tuning.

Penis growth of 1 inch happened in just one month. Subsequently, in just 2 weeks, I increased the penis by another 0.5 inches.

At the same time, I feel like my erection occurs more often, it is stronger, and the sex became longer and my partner felt the difference in my penis size. Both visually and during sex.

6-7 month

I continued to use the device actively and at 6 months, I already had 2 inches of extra growth, while for the first time, I saw an increase in the girth of the penis by 0.5 inches. This is incredible progress.

I used the device only 3 hours a day – in the morning and in the evening. Usually put on after work and could safely do household chores.

8-9 month

These were my final months of using Quick. Extender Pro, I increased my penis by another 1 inch after which the growth of the penis abruptly stopped. Likely, I have already reached the limit in working on penis enlargement.

In the future, I have already used a vacuum extender to keep the dynamics of working with the penis and not stop it abruptly.

My impressions of the extender as a user

I tried several different classic extenders – these are SizeGenetics, Andropenis Comfort , Male Edge , Penimaster Chrome and I must say that in order to use each such device, I had to buy an additional Band-Aid, different patches and on eBay I bought different silicone tubes to make wearing any classic penis extender comfortable.

With Quick Extender Pro everything is simple – I used a band-aid, which I wound loosely around the penis exactly where the loop touched the penis. Don’t Think the Comfort pad will help you much if there is no other substrate – the loop will rub.

With other extenders, such as the SizeGenetics , I had many problems due to the heavy weight of the device, which used metal stems instead of aluminum ones. Also, in the most expensive package of this device(DELUXE LIMITED), there were not enough rods and accessories for comfort.

After a couple of weeks, a 3 m patch and cohesive gauze fell into disrepair. This is definitely not enough for a long penis enlargement routine.

What is DSS technology?

DSS is a Double Strap Support system, that consists of two silicone nooses, where the penis is attached to the penis extender.

This way you get a much better user experience when wearing the device:

  • Your penis won’t slip out of it. It’s a common program of strap-based rod penis extenders
  • You distribute the weight of the device on the entire penis shaft
  • You can use Memory Foam pads to prevent bacterial infections from appearing and get the best comfort while wearing
  • You can use one or two silicone loops depending on your comfort

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What results can I expect after prolonged use of Quick Extender Pro ?

First of all, you will be able to enlarge or straighten your penis. As far as penis enlargement is concerned, it is possible up to 3.5 inches long and up to 0.5 inches wide. Sometimes men, on the contrary, say that the extender helps them make the penis thicker, not longer. The first results are possible in 2-3 months after the start of using the device

What is the period of adaptation to the extender and what does it consist of?

Adaptation to the extender occurs within 2 weeks. During this time, you need to keep a low-key schedule for using the device with minimal tension settings. This is necessary so your penis adapts to the load and reacts calmly. After a 2-week adaptation period, you can increase the extender’s load and wear time.

What are the side effects of using the device?

if you follow the instructions where the program for using the device is indicated, you do not risk having side effects. In what cases are they possible?

  1. If you use the device with too much load, which is not applicable for you during the current period of using the device
  2. If you use the device for too long and do not take the necessary breaks
  3. If you are using the wrong extender settings

What package to choose?

I recommend buying the most advanced Quick Extender Pro package because it offers a lot of bard of different lengths, memory foam pads and a lot of additional silicone tubes. You will get a vacuum penis pump for better penis stretching and faster results. In fact, you will also need to use jeking techniques. Yes, that’s true, you need to use all possible natural penis enlargement methods, because it’s the most effective way to make your penis bigger.

The Deluxe standard package may be useful if you have a penis pump and you’re an advanced user.

Value edition is the most inexpensive package that includes a few tods, comfort pads and silicone tubes. Men buy this package to see what is Quick Extender Pro and how it works. Yes, it’s the same penis extender as present in the Deluxe package, but it’s really cheap.

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In what cases will the extender not work?

The extender won’t work if you don’t set it up correctly, if your penis slips out, or if you wear it too little. This also applies to the daily number of wear hours and the total use period.

Where is the best place to buy a device?

The best place to buy is the official website


Quick Extender Pro is a powerful and effective penis extender. I spend 6 months already and got nice results! I've increased my penis by 1.8 inches already and continue my routine.

Paul Simmons

I use QEP almost daily at home for almost 2 months already  and I started to see gains. My penis is now bigger in length and girth, so I am inspired to continue.


It was a bit hard to get used to penis extender, but now I know how to work with the tension and how to avoid discomfort. You just need to make breaks and listen to your feelings. The most important thing - it's working and I've gained 1" in 4 months already

archi Jones

I wear it under my clothing without any problem in the car or even at work. Quick Extender Pro is lightweight and small. It gives huge results, I wear it for 3-4 hours daily and it works.


How penis traction technology works

Penis stretching technology, described in various medical publications, allows you to stretch the tissues of the penis, thereby making it larger permanently.

A constant thrust of a certain force acts on the tissues of the penis for a certain period of time with the settings set. As a result of the action of such a thrust, the tissues of the penis are stretched due to the process of cytokinesis – cell division.

This allows you to build up additional tissue. Quick Extender Pro uses rods, tension screws, and springs to ensure this technology works correctly.

With the help of a silicone loop that wraps around the head of the penis not in one place but in two for reliability, you can precisely set the tension on the extender and save these settings while wearing the device.

A common problem when using classic-type extenders is slipping the head of the penis from the strap or silicone loop. The Quick Extender Pro solved this problem with a double penis attachment. This allowed better use of the extender.

To ensure comfort, the Quick Extender Pro uses special comfort pads and memory foam pads that prevent excessive friction and pain after contact between the silicone loop and the head of the penis. If you do not use additional accessories, you cannot wear the device even for 20 minutes. Quick Extender Pro has developed the best comfort pads for comfortable use of the device for a long time. Read the comparison of the best penis extenders.

Quick Extender Pro Peyronies and Curvature

Peyronie's disease is a medical condition characterized by the development of fibrous scar tissue within the penis, resulting in penile curvature and potential complications during erections. This condition can cause physical discomfort, emotional distress, and difficulties in intimate relationships.

While there are various treatment options available, one of the non-invasive and promising approaches is the use of penile traction devices like the Quick Extender Pro. In this article, we will explore the Quick Extender Pro, its effectiveness in addressing Peyronie's disease and penile curvature, and its potential benefits for individuals seeking a non-surgical solution.

Understanding Peyronie's Disease and Penile Curvature

Peyronie's disease typically manifests as the development of plaque or scar tissue on the tunica albuginea, the fibrous tissue surrounding the erectile chambers of the penis.

As this scar tissue forms, it can cause the penis to bend or curve during an erection, leading to pain, discomfort, and difficulty in engaging in sexual activity. While the exact cause of Peyronie's disease is not always clear, it is believed to result from microtrauma or injury to the penis, genetics, or underlying medical conditions.

Treatment Options for Peyronie's Disease

The management of Peyronie's disease can vary, depending on the severity of symptoms and the patient's preferences. Traditional treatment options include medications, injections, and surgical procedures. These methods may carry risks, such as potential side effects from medications, or complications and recovery time associated with surgery. Quick Extender Pro is the best penis straightener.

Quick Extender Pro: A Non-Invasive Solution

Quick Extender Pro is a penile traction device designed to address Peyronie's disease and penile curvature without the need for invasive surgical procedures. It works on the principle of mechanical traction, gently stretching the penis over time to help break down the plaque or scar tissue causing the curvature.

Clinical Evidence and User Testimonials

Several clinical studies have investigated the efficacy of penile traction devices like Quick Extender Pro in addressing Peyronie's disease and penile curvature. While results may vary from person to person, some studies have reported positive outcomes, including reductions in penile curvature and improvements in patient-reported outcomes.

Here are some key benefits of using Quick Extender Pro for Peyronie's disease and penile curvature:

  1. Non-Invasive: Quick Extender Pro offers a non-surgical alternative to treat Peyronie's disease, which means no need for incisions, anesthesia, or recovery time.

  2. Gradual Improvement: The device provides a gradual and consistent stretching of the penis, which can help reduce the curvature over time. This approach can be more comfortable and less disruptive to daily life compared to other treatments.

  3. Enhanced Blood Flow: Using Quick Extender Pro may also lead to improved blood circulation within the penis, potentially promoting overall penile health and function.

  4. Discreet and Convenient: The device is discreet, lightweight, and can be worn under clothing, allowing users to continue with their daily activities while undergoing treatment.

  5. Customization: Quick Extender Pro offers adjustable tension settings to ensure the treatment is tailored to the individual's needs and comfort level.

Learn how to Use Quick Extender Pro

I own this device and I have increased my penis size by 3,5 inches using Deluxe Limited Edition. Check out my video, order this device with a 20% discount

About the Author Sam Pauel

I am a medical expert at the Institute of Urology in Kanzas