New qualification 2016-2017

The development of health professions in the 21st century presents a series of challenges that go beyond techno-scientific training. The great social changes, the biotechnological development and the paradigm shift in the professional-patient relationship model produce increasing complexity in the exercise of the health professions.

In this context, bioethics becomes an interprofessional discipline that offers a framework for reflection and dialogue in the face of issues that arise both at a more general level and in the usual healthcare practice.

The University Expert Title in Applied Bioethics in the Clinical and Healthcare Field offers training in clinical bioethics, providing both a theoretical knowledge base and, on a more practical level, clinical case resolution methodology, as well as training in areas specific, depending on the interests of the students.


General objectives:

-Acquire bioethical knowledge both at a general level and in specific areas

-Develop the case discussion methodology

– Increase ethical knowledge in specific clinical areas

Specific objectives:

-Acquire knowledge of philosophical and anthropological bioethical foundations

-Know the basic principles in bioethics and fundamentals of biolaw

-Recognize the importance of communication in the healthcare field and its impact on bioethics

-Identify specific ethical problems in the clinical field of professional practice

-Implement the discussion methodology procedure in bioethics with practical cases

-Learn to carry out an ethical analysis of situations arising from specific healthcare practice (paediatrics, primary care, mental health, management, dementia, palliative care)


The University Expert Degree in Applied Bioethics in the Clinical and Healthcare Field is aimed at graduates, graduates and diplomas in the field of Health Sciences (medicine, nursing, social work, clinical psychology,…), biology and biotechnology, law, philosophy and diplomas in the field of social assistance.

Admission requirements
Have a university degree (from a Spanish or foreign university):

Doctor or Graduate
On an individual basis, the access of students without a university degree will be assessed by issuing a Certificate of University Extension upon completion, if applicable.

Pre-registration and admission
The registration period is open from April 1 to September 30.

To request admission to the University Degree in Applied Bioethics in the Clinical and Care Area and to formalize the pre-registration for the same, it will be necessary to send the following documentation by email:

Brief explanation of your interest in the Title
Short Curriculum Vitae in Word format (describing current academic and professional training)
Registration form
Passport size photo in digital format (jpg)
Certified photocopy of the degree (Diploma, Graduate, Bachelor, or Doctor)
Photocopy of ID or passport (foreigners)
Enrollment period and procedure

Open enrollment, either through the registration form on the website or by contacting the Institute’s Secretary directly (Anna Alonso Email:, available until September 30.

Once the student selection process is complete, the student will be notified of admission and will have to formalize the course registration payment before September 30, at the IBB Secretariat.

teaching staff

See list of teachers

Number of Credits

15 ECTS credits


Regulated academic course. From October to June.


The Postgraduate is offered in two modalities:

The online University Expert degree will be taught through the IBB teaching campus: through the Moodle platform, with a discussion forum for each subject, the possibility of student debate and teachers and constant monitoring by the tutor.
Face-to-face classes per subject (approx. One class per month) will be combined with online training through the teaching campus (25% face-to-face and 75% online).
Face-to-face classes will be held in the classrooms of the Borja Institute of Bioethics located in the Sant Joan de Déu Teaching Building (C /. Santa Rosa, 39-57, 3a Pl. Esplugues de Ll. (Barcelona).

October 2016

Complete: €1,350 (tuition included)

Validating Introductory Course in Bioethics (CIB) of the IBB* (taken before 2010): €700 (€540 + €90 enrollment + €70 update)
Validating the Introductory Course in Bioethics (CIB) of the IBB** (taken from 2010 onwards): €630 (€540 + €90 registration fee)

* If you completed the CIB before 2010, you will have to do a single task from the first 4 modules, in addition to those corresponding to modules 5 ì 6.

** If you have completed the CIB from 2010 onwards

, the first 4 modules are validated directly. You only have to complete modules 5 and 6.


At the end, the corresponding University Expert Title in Applied Bioethics in the Clinical and Care Area, issued by the Ramon Llull University, will be awarded to students who have proven – according to the evaluation criteria – that they have taken advantage of the academic year.

About the Author Sam Pauel

I am a medical expert at the Institute of Urology in Kanzas