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Imagine if you could increase the size of your penis? How great would that be! You would feel confident, a real male, and what pleasure your sexual partner would experience from large size and with what admiration he would treat you after experiencing vivid orgasms with you.

Really, would it be great?

But, unfortunately, the size of the penis remains the same. You feel insecure and your intimate life is not going well. It is unlikely that anyone will want to start a serious relationship with a person who has a small penis and sexual intercourse becomes painful.

So you are destined to spend the rest of your life alone?

It shouldn’t be like that! There is a great natural penis enlargement method that is called penis traction. And it really works according to the actual results and medical studies!

How does it work? How does it help and change the lives of men? Read this review.

How do the best penis extenders work?

Penile traction therapy has become very popular in recent years due to its simplicity and efficiency. Men all over the world can increase the size of their penis at home!

Isn’t this fantasy? No surgical intervention, no pain, or any risk to your health. Everything is simple and accessible to everyone.

In traction therapy, you wear a special device (a penis extender ) to stretch your penis for a set amount of time each day. The extender gently and painlessly stretches the penis, enlarging and straightening it. It can make the penis straight or in the opposite direction of the curve (if you suffer from Peyronie’s disease). This is a painless procedure.

Operating principle:

  • Prolonged stretching stimulates and trains the penis
  • regular use ensures the appearance of new cells in the penis
  • Due to this, there is an elongation, thickening, and straightening of the penis

Marco Ordena and Paolo Gontero of the University of Turin reviewed the studies and concluded that penile extenders are more effective than other non-invasive methods such as pumps, exercises, and Botox injections.

The best classic penis extenders include:

  • Rods
  • Tension screws
  • Straps or silicone loop

Rod extenders transmit a predetermined, constant traction force to the penis, which is stretched vertically downwards.

Penis extenders with a classic tension screw system create the same stretching force at all penis lengths, also providing stretching in a stimulated erection position.

Penis stretchers are based on fixing belts. The fixation clip, wide fixation strap, and adaptive fixation walls provide the highest wearing comfort and durability in the class of rod-based expanders with traditional fixation (attachment) of the penis.

5 Best Penis Extenders 2023

Best Penis Extender 2023. Best Penis Stretcher

#1. Quick Extender Pro

- Unique Double Strap Support System
- 180-dy money back guarantee
- 3-year warranty
- 80% dicount "DEALDAY"

Prices: $119.93 - $349.93

#2. Phallosan Forte

- Additional PLUS version(rods/screws)
- made in Germany
- Vacuum-Adhesive technology
- Up to 4000 gr of tension

Prices: $379 - $499

#3. Penimaster PRO

- Clinically approved and certified
- Rods, Belts, Weights available
- Guaranted penis enlargement results
- Safe and effecitve for everyone

Prices: $304 - $441

#4. SizeGenetics

- up to 2800 gr of tension
- certified and clinically approved device
- FDA approved
- Doctor recommended and safe to use

Prices: $169-$259

#5. Andropenis

- Manufactured by Andromedical lab
- FDA approved medical device
- Officially tested and certified
- Guaranteed results

Prices: $169-$259

#6. Male Edge

- Unique design
- Lighweigh and easy to setup and use
- Produced in EU, certified
- Suitable for any penis size

Prices: $169-$259

#7. Penimaster Chrome

- Made in Germany
- Easy to use penis extender
- Medical materials
- 5 years warranty

Prices: $199

Quick Extender Pro is the best penis extender that uses the DSS (Double Strap Support). This unique and comfortable system is designed to provide maximum tension on the penis glans and the entire shaft of the penis, maximizing traction efficiency and comfort.

The DSS system includes two medical-grade silicone tubes for fixing the shaft and glans. As a result, the tensioning process becomes as controlled as possible, and the possibility of the head slipping is excluded.


  • The possibility of slipping the penis head is excluded.
  • Increased comfort 
  • Results depend on total wear time, not daily use as with other penis extenders.
  • Visible results appear within 2-3 weeks 


  • Not compatible with nightwear 
  • Not So comfortable as Phallosan Forte or Penimaster Pro.
  • It needs to be configured
  • May be a bit painful after 1 hour of wearing 

Quick Extender Pro Results:

The manufacturer claims that the first results can be expected after 2-3 weeks of using the penis extender. Statistics show that in six months of using Quick Extender Pro, the length of the penis is increased by 36%.

Quick Extender Pro Rating Summary 

89% Overall

This is the best penis extender, that is build with a new DSS technology, that is proven to work and secure your penis from any bacterial infections. It helps your penis to distibute the load on penis and improve the results. It's made from high quality medical materials and it's backed up with a 180-day money back guarantee. You can improve the tension up to 4000 gr using the different springs to enlarge or straighten your penis effectivelly. There will be no side effects if the penis extender is used by instruction.


Order Quick Extender Pro

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The main difference between this penis extender from analogs is using a suction cup that holds the penis in the required position (in analogs, a loop or belt is used). This cup makes Phallosan Forte more comfortable, allowing it to be worn for longer periods is the only penis extender that uses the DSS (Double Strap Support). This unique and comfortable system is designed to provide maximum tension on the penis glans and the entire shaft of the penis, maximizing traction efficiency and comfort.

You can use Phallosan Forte with weights or a belt, but I recommend the “Plus” version with bars on the side for lengthening to get the most out of it.

Phallosan Forte Pros:

  • Suitable for any penis size
  • Extremely comfortable to wear for a long time
  • Pulling force up to 4.8 kg
  • Multi-Directional Technology Angling (MDA), allows you to comfortably wear it at any angle.
  • Can be worn discreetly in public places
  • Can be worn at night

Phallosan Forte Cons:

  • Price. Very expensive ($499)
  • Requires more maintenance to ensure safety
  • Phallosan Forte Plus could be not very comfortable to wear for some men with a huge girth size
  •  Condom sleeves might tear from time to time
  • It can take 8-12 months to get the best results


The results are directly dependent on the tension and duration. 6-month clinical trials of Phallosan Forte penis extender showed that it is possible to lengthen the penis by 3-4 cm.

Phallosan Forte Rating Summary 

89% Overall

Phallosan Forte is high-quality penis stretcher device made in Germany. It can be really safe and easy to use, but it takes time to get the final results. But most men are ready to wear and work with this extender with the help of the Phallosan Forte App. It's a convenient application that makes your routine effective. But the technology itself is soft, and even the Phallosan Forte Plus attachment with rods and tension screws is not the best addition to make your penis enlargement process easier. On the other hand, vacuum penis pumps will be suitable for beginners. So it's worth trying Phallosan Forte to learn penis traction without side effects.


Order Phallosan Forte

Get the best price at the official online store. Ask for additional condom sleeves(100$ bonus)

Penimaster PRO is one of the best penis extenders that uses a combination of vacuum and rod/belt-based traction methods (similar to Phallosan forte ). PeniMaster PRO is an attractive combination of comfort, convenience, and affordability.

Depending on preference, it is possible to use PeniMaster PRO as a rod or belt-based system. The bar-based option is slightly less fussy, but the straps provide different directions in traction therapy to help avoid fatigue from repetitive exercise.

Penimaster PRO Pros:

  • PeniMaster PRO can be worn at night while you sleep.
  • The innovative combination of rigid and vacuum mechanics
  • Cheaper than Phallosan Forte
  • Can be worn comfortably for a long time
  • Can be worn overnight if needed

Penimaster PRO Cons:

  • Lower pull force creates more gradual growth
  • More expensive than penis extenders with rod and strap.
  • The first set up is a bit complicated
  •  You have to get used to wear it
  • It's not that comfortable to use the extender with rods


You can expect to enlarge or straighten your penis in as little as 3 months. The first results can be seen in 1 month. The final results will be visible in 7-9 months. It's recommended to use Penimaster PRO until you see that the new gains do not appear for a long time.

Penimaster PRO Rating Summary 

89% Overall

Penimaster PRO is one of the best vacuum penis extenders that offers different methods and types of penis traction using the reach selection of accessories and spare parts. You can customize the device according to your penis parameters and desired comfort level. But the traction force can be controlled and improved individually for the best results. You can change the type of the device(rods or strap) and use different techniques to wear the device. Users can find the best ways to use Penimaster PRO without the risk of harming themselves. The results are guaranteed and clinically approved.


Order Penimaster PRO

Visit the official store to buy the best Penimaster PRO package(belt, rod extender, weight expander or Complete Set)

Sizegenetics is a type 1 certified medical device for the penis enlargement. It incorporates Multi-Directional Angling (MDA), a patented comfort system that adapts to various combinations of curvature, shape, direction, and position of the penis.

Sizegenetics is the best traction-type penis extender with 2 bars on the sides to lengthen the penis and a loop or strap around the glans to hold it in place. The manufacturer promises an increase in the penis up to 6 cm and an increase in coverage by 3.5 cm.


  • Durable and lightweight design that can be discreetly worn under clothing for long periods of time.
  • Multi-Directional Angling (MDA) technology
  • FDA clearance for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease
  • Adjustable settings
  • 2800 gr of tension


  • Basic functions and classic design
  • Not enough rods amount and sizes for a better customization
  • It can be painful to wear SizeGenetics for long
  • Side effects are possible
  • The penis can slip out of the device
  • It is not possiblr yo wear it at night


SizeGenetics is a classic penis extender with minimum functions and minimum accessories for comfort. But it is effective and provides quick results if used correctly. Of course, you need time to get used to it and feel what tension is suitable for you. But the results are impressive - up to 3 inches in width and up to 1 inch in girth. The first results will be visible in 1 month. The final results will be visible in 5-8 months.

SizeGenetics Rating Summary 

56% Overall

SizeGenetics is a powerful classic penis stretcher that offers amazing results, but its usage can be dangerous for beginners. You have to get used to wearing it for a long, but it can cause pain because you need to secure your penis glans. Your penis can slip out of the device if you do not use special cohesive gauze. There are a few powerful options for your comfort, like 3M plaster. But some users try to find more accessories to get rid of the pain that can be really uncomfortable. I am talking about real side effects for those men who do not know how to work with the tension force. If you use the low tension - you'll never get the results. But if the tension is too high, it can cause pain.


Order SizeGenetics

Choose one of four packages available. You can choose your region to get fast delivery and price in EUR or USD

Andropenis Gold Comfort is a classic penis extender. The innovative design of the extender is made so that the pressure on the penis is minimal and does not bring discomfort. Also helps with Peyronie's disease. Andropenis is so comfortable that you can wear it not only at home, but also go out with it. 

It is a penis extender that uses a combination of vacuum and rod/belt-based traction methods (similar to Phallosan forte ). PeniMaster PRO attractive combination of comfort, convenience, and affordability. Andropenis Penis Extender has a 97.5% success rate.


  • FDA approved
  • Safe. Does not affect urination, potency, and reproductive function
  • Easy to use design
  • Tension from 600 to 1500 grams
  • Laboratory tested and clinically approved
  • More than 1 000 000 of users


  • A lot of customization for the first use
  • Simple comfort accessories
  • It's hard to get used to it
  • Can't be used during sleep
  • Possible side effects due to the long use


On average, the length of the penis increases by 6 centimeters. And the girth (diameter) increases by 3 cm. This penis extender can be very effective for penis enlargement and penis straightening, but you should chech the tension and adjust it carefully. When used correctly Andropenis can enlarge penis by 3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth in 5-8 months of a regular usage.

Andropenis Rating Summary 

56% Overall

Andropenis offers the best results and it's clinically approved penis extender. Millions of men have shared their opinion about the device. The manufacturer provides a lot of accessories and spare parts. You can choose from the variety of comfort pads, silicone tubes and rods of the different length. It's one of a few penis extenders, that is approved by FDA. The device is created in the real laboratory by the Andromedical company. This brand is well known for about 27 years. But it looks really outdated, because a lot of new technologies replace the classic one.


Order Andropenis

Order the best device from the medical point of view to make sure that you will not harm your penis and get guaranteed results.

#6. Male Edge 

Male Edge's advantage is that you don't have to screw in the metal bars on the side to adjust the length and tension. Instead, Male Edge comes with easily adjustable telescoping rods, making it easy and simple to adjust the length and tension. is an extender that uses a combination of vacuum and rod/belt-based traction methods (similar to Phallosan forte ). PeniMaster PRO attractive combination of comfort, convenience, and affordability. Andropenis Penis Extender has a 97.5% success rate.

This unique system makes Male Edge much easier to set up than other penis extenders, but has one drawback: it is limited to just 2,000 grams of thrust.


  • Very lightweight
  • Simple mechanics
  • All in one setup
  • Unique design and powerful features
  • Traction force up to 1200 grams
  • Made in EU


  • Not much comfort options
  • Not suitabl for everyone because of the design
  • Not much customization
  • It can cause pain if you use it oncorrectly
  • A few accessories for the comfort


With regular use of Male Edge penis extender for 6-7 months, the manufacturer claims that penis lengthening up to 5-7 cm can be expected.

Male Edge Rating Summary 

56% Overall

Male Edge offers the new design for the extenders of this type. You do not need to assemble the extender, which saves time and make the penis enlargement routine simple and easy. A lot of men say that Male Edge is the best penis extender, that works great. It's lightweight and you can wear it longer that 1.5 hours per session, 4-5 hours a day. There are only 3 tension levels. And this means you do not hae a lof of customization options. The length of the rods has a few levels. Male Edge is a great device for those men, that want to use the simple penis traction device. Its design can insipre you to enlarge or straighten the penis.


Order Male Edge

There are 3 packages available that differ by the amount of accessories. Choose the most powerful Male Edge Pro package to get the most of the device.

It is a classical penis extender, an older, but no less effective version of PeniMaster PRO. In some cases, the device is used to restore the circumcised foreskin. Extender rods are made of brass, chrome-plated, and hand polished.

The belt is fastened with mechanical fasteners that prevent the belt from slipping off the penis extender. On many extenders, the straps are quite stiff, but on the Penimaster Chrome they are made of very soft silicone, the latches allow you to securely fix even a very soft strap.

The penis extender can be upgraded to vacuum using PeniMaster upgrade kits Pro Upgrade kit.


  • Non-irritating materials
  • Fits any size penis for men of any age, circumcised or uncircumcised.
  • Robust and durable apparatus due to the use of metal rods of various sizes and plastics
  • A universal anatomically shaped base ring allows the device to stretch and be worn up, down, or across the body
  • Can be used to restore the foreskin


  • It's not easy to setup the device
  • The device is comfortable but not so effective
  • The basic functionality for this type of extenders
  • Same side effects for users, that uses classic rod extenders


PeniMaster usage has a positive effect on male libido (sexual desire) and improves erectile function and potency. By using the penis extender already for 30 minutes, it is possible to achieve a short-term optical enlargement of the penis at rest, which lasts for two hours ( SpeedBig effect). penimaster ).

Penimaster Chrome Rating Summary 

56% Overall

This is the first device made by Penimaster. It provides up to 1200 gr of tension. The unique system of adaptive fastening slots in the holding support makes this penis extender really effective and easy to use. You can apply the extender at night during sleep. This device has been clinically stested and approved to be effective. The first results can be seen in 1-2 months.


Order Penimaster Chrome

The package includes a lot of accessories for comfort and spare parts of the highest medical quality. A 5-year warranty, money back guarantee and worldwide shipping available

2 types of penis stretchers

Rod penis extenders

Classic penis stretchers usually consist of a plastic base ring. The ring is connected by metal rods with length adjustment systems and spring shock absorber weights. The penis glans is fixed on a plastic platform with a silicone band. You can customize the tension force using screws and also set the size of rods using the additional spare parts. The regulators increase the overall length of the device, which in turn stretches the penis along its growth vector. The tension force is controlled by special notches on the spring dampers.

Vacuum penis stretchers

These penis extenders use the vacuum chamber to hold the penis glans. The essence of the method consists in sucking the penis glans into a special chamber of a physiological form (repeating the shape of the penis head), and holding it there by vacuum force, that you can create with the help of a small pump(Phallosan Forte) or a pear(Penimaster PRO).

At the same time, there is practically no mechanical compression of the penis glans and clamping of the vessels that feed the tissues of the penis head, the camera works on the principle of a suction cup.

How to use the penis extender

Typically, classic penis therapy involves wearing a penis extender for 30 minutes to six hours a day.

An extender that stretches the tissues of the penis for as long as possible without experiencing discomfort. As a result, this method offers the most painless penis lengthening, but for this, you will have to sacrifice your time since the penis extender will have to be worn for an average of 6 hours a day.

On the first day of using the penis stretcher, it is necessary to set the tension force using the screws at which there will be no pain, and the resulting feeling of discomfort will be as low as possible, which will allow you to wear the penis extender for two or three sessions of 1.5-2 hours each (preferably no more than 3 hours per session).

The correct use of the penis traction device

Step 1.

Wash your hands and genitals thoroughly before using the device 

The extender itself is rinsed with clean water and treated with an antiseptic solution;

Step 2.

The penis glans is fixed in the retainer

After which the rods move apart and pull the penis in the opposite direction from the pubic bone;

Step 3.

At the end of the procedure

the guiding axes return to their original position, and the retainer is carefully removed from the phallus.

Step 4.

For best results 

the extender should be worn 4-6 hours a day. The first penis enlargement results may appear within a month.

How to Choose the Best Penis Extender

step 1

Choose the type of the device

First of all, you need to decide on the type of penis extender you are going to buy. There are classic devices with rods and tension screws. In this case, a special base with a strap or silicone loop is used to hold the penis.

And there are vacuum extenders in which the head of the penis is held by a vacuum chamber. Your choice should be made based on your own wishes for the design and use of the penis traction. 

Classic penis stretchers are more rigid, they give constant and stable traction, which can be easily increased, while the conditions for stretching the penis are ideal. Vacuum extenders also effectively stretch the penis, but due to the use of a tension belt instead of the rigid design of the classic device, the load itself is softer and you will need more time.

step 2

Comfort vs. Speed of results - what is best for you?

Comfort or penis stretch speed? Many men put comfort first, but at least half of men or more want quick results and are willing to take some discomfort to get it. What's with the timing? How do you like 5 months versus 9 months or more? So your first decision

step 3

Choose the model, design, package

Having decided on the type of extender, we proceed to the choice of brands and models. And above all, the manufacturer and his clinical studies, which should be officially presented, matter here. So you understand that you are buying a high-quality medical device

step 4

Read customer reviews

 It's also important to read reviews. Even the most famous devices may have side effects, may not fit your penis size, may have few accessories for comfort, and may not fit comfortably or fit the anatomy of your penis.

In fact, different penis extenders can give different results over different periods of time and under different conditions of wear and use. I do not recommend that you focus on reviews on blogs when choosing, it is better on forums with reviews.

Yes, you will spend time there - but the choice will be based on the reviews of real users and it is much more reliable than reviews from unknown bloggers and sites. If they can give you a good guideline, that's one thing, but recommending specific models is based on a lot of different factors. 

In my review, I am guided by references to official studies and the facts that you can find on the manufacturers' websites. Plus - I have my own experience, which I present here and in separate reviews of devices that I personally tried. Photo documentation of your own use and results is the kind of content you can take into account.

step 5

Shopping deals

The conditions of purchase and the guarantee for the penis traction device are those important aspects that help you buy the device profitably, as well as get a guarantee for its use. 

After all, if the device turns out to be inefficient or does not work correctly, this is also a problem that you will then need to deal with. The best place to buy a device is the manufacturer's website. If you buy an extender officially, you get the best warranty conditions and you can be sure of the quality guarantee.

step 6

Choose by the features

The design of penis extenders can differ not only in their visual but also in their functional properties. For example, Male Edge does not need to be assembled and is configured immediately when assembled. 

Quick Extender The Pro uses 2 penis attachments instead of just one, which improves comfort when you need to wear the extender for a long time. And if the load is divided by 2, then it will be easier to wear the penis traction device. Penimaster Chrome uses handy clips to easily remove the extender base. These little tweaks can dramatically improve your device experience and the results you get.


Is it safe to use extenders?

Many extenders have medical certificates and are recognized worldwide as safe for health. Using according to the instructions and following the recommendations will protect you and give the desired result.

How quickly will I get results?

On average, after 30 days of daily use, you can see the first results. The length of the penis increases by 0.3-10 mm.

What are the results?

It depends on the regular use of the penis extender. Following the recommendations, practicing daily for 6 hours for 6-8 months, on average, the length of the penis can be increased by 4-7 cm.

What materials are used?

Quality and effective penis extnders are made from stain still, soft foam pads and other materials of a medical quality.

How to use the penis extender?

For maximum effectiveness of the penis stretcher, you should do it daily, which means it is best to set aside a convenient time for this so that no one bothers you. It is recommended to keep a class log, which will record the length of the penis before class, after, the duration of the session, and the sensations from the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

It is safe to use a penis extender if you follow the instruction. The penis extender construction is made of high quality medical materials and every package is equipped with a soft comfort pads and other elements to make your penis enlargement process safe. consequat.

What if it does not work for me?

Every reputable manufacturer offers a money back guarantee for its customers. So if the device won't work for you, please ask for the refund. The money back period depends on the manufacturer's refund policy.

How to choose the best device?

You need to check for the product reviews and medical sutdies. There are penis extenders, that are well known and trusted. But they can differ in design, quality and comfort. There are rod based and vacuum based devices, that you can choose from. Some work faster, some are more comfortable. Read the features and benefits.

What will be the result?

On average, users increase the length of the penis by 3 cm, but with strict adherence to the instructions and recommendations, and hard work, it is noted that the length can be increased up to 5-6 cm in 6-8 months.

How does modern medicine treat penis extenders?

Since the appearance of penis extenders, many studies have been carried out and hundreds of articles have been written in medical journals. Is the stretching technique effective? Is it safe for health? Do Doctors recommend extenders? Are they certified medical devices?

For the sake of convenience, I have summarized some medical studies and cited them below.

Urological magazine with a worldwide reputation BJUI ( British Journal of Urology International ), has repeatedly covered the topic of extenders in its articles. The journal conducted research and concluded that penile extenders are an effective and non-invasive method of lengthening the shaft of the penis.

In addition, I want to note a major study conducted in 2019. The study involved six university clinics, with more than 90 patients. The results were observed by recognized urologists from all over the world. This study has also been widely reported in the journal BJUI. Here is a summary of this study:

The results of a clinical study of the effectiveness of the extender:

  • Quality medical penis stretchers are safe for health
  • Quality penis traction devices are effective
  • Quality extenders are well received by patients
  • Quality extenders really correct curvature in Peyronie's disease (IPP, Induratio penis plastica )
  • Before the straightening operation, a high-quality extender, as a result of which, under certain circumstances, the need for surgery will disappear
  • A quality penis stretcher increases the penis up to 10 mm per month

Also worthy of special attention are studies conducted on Peyronie's disease. Research has shown that penile traction therapy helps to reduce the curvature of the penis by 20-60 degrees.

As we can see, medical studies have shown the effectiveness of using extenders to lengthen the penis and get rid of curvature.

How to achieve even better results?

If you want to achieve results faster, it is recommended to use the Bathmate Hydromax pump in combination with the penis extender.

Bathmate uses water pressure to enlarge the penis and increase erection and male power by increasing blood flow. Results of a clinical study: 72% of users noticed an increase after regular use within the first month, and 79% reported harder erections and increased libido.

How is a hydraulic pump better than a conventional pump?

  • With water, the pressure created round the penis is more even. This means that all veins around the penis are stimulated equally.
  • Hydro vacuum technology uses warm water. This opens up the pores, allowing the skin to breathe. Healthier skin means it can be stretched more without damage - that's important.
  • Hydro vacuum technology is safer. The chances of injury to the penis are virtually non-existent.

By creating a vacuum around the penis, the hydro pump draws in blood, quickly causing an erection in the penis. By maintaining vacuum pressure, you can give your penis a complete workout by improving the quality of blood circulation.

The range of penis enlargement in length and width when using a hydro pump varies from 25% to 35%.


Penis extenders are one of the few scientifically proven ways to increase penis size without surgery. Many medical studies have confirmed their effectiveness and safety for health. A big plus is the ability to independently, at home, conduct classes with an extender according to a schedule that is convenient for you.

There are classic vacuum penis extenders, you can choose the extender that suits you best. The extenders presented in this brief review are, in my opinion, the best on the market today.

But whichever you choose, they all give the desired result. Daily classes for 4-6 hours for 6-8 months will lengthen your penis by 3-6 cm, which means that your sex life will improve soon. Self-confidence will appear, and your sexual partner, like you, will begin to receive vivid, sexual emotions. As we know a healthy sex life = a happy life.

What is penis traction?

Penis traction, also known as penile traction therapy, is a non-surgical method aimed at elongating and enlarging the penis. It involves the use of devices designed to apply a gentle and controlled pulling force to the penis over an extended period. The principle behind penis traction is based on the body's ability to adapt to mechanical forces, promoting tissue growth and expansion.

Here's a breakdown of how penis traction typically works:

  1. Mechanical Traction: Penis traction devices consist of a base that secures around the base of the penis and an adjustable mechanism that exerts a stretching or traction force.
  2. Gradual Stretching: Users wear the device for a specified duration each day, during which the device applies a consistent and gentle stretch to the penile tissues. This controlled stretching is usually applied to the shaft of the penis.
  3. Microscopic Changes: The prolonged and consistent application of traction is believed to induce microscopic changes in the penile tissues. These changes may include the formation of new cells and the remodeling of existing tissue.
  4. Cellular Response: The stretching action triggers a natural cellular response, encouraging the production of new cells and the expansion of existing ones. This process is known as tissue remodeling.
  5. Increased Blood Flow: Traction may also contribute to improved blood circulation in the penile tissues. Enhanced blood flow can support overall penile health and potentially aid in the recovery from certain conditions.

Penis traction is not only used for potential penile enlargement but is also employed in medical settings to address conditions like Peyronie's disease, where scar tissue causes penile curvature.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of penis traction can vary among individuals, and results may not be uniform. Additionally, responsible and consistent usage, along with adherence to device guidelines, is crucial to minimize the risk of discomfort or adverse effects. Individuals considering penis traction should consult with healthcare professionals, especially if they have underlying medical conditions or concerns.

How does penis traction works?

Penis traction works on the principle of mechanical stretching or traction to promote the potential growth and enlargement of the penis. The process involves using a specialized device designed to apply a controlled and gentle pulling force to the penis over an extended period. Here's a more detailed explanation of how penis traction typically works:

  1. Device Application:
    • Users wear a penis traction device, which usually consists of a base that secures around the base of the penis and an adjustable mechanism for applying tension.
    • The device may also include components like a support belt, adjustable rods, and a headpiece that fits over the glans (head) of the penis.
  2. Adjustable Tension:
    • The user can adjust the tension force applied by the device based on their comfort level and the recommended guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
    • The adjustable tension allows for a gradual and controlled stretching of the penile tissues.
  3. Daily Use:
    • Penis traction is typically used daily for a specified duration, with sessions ranging from several minutes to a few hours, depending on the device and individual preferences.
    • Consistency in usage is important for potential effectiveness.
  4. Microscopic Changes:
    • The controlled stretching is believed to induce microscopic changes in the penile tissues, including the stretching and realignment of collagen fibers.
    • These microscopic changes may stimulate cellular responses, encouraging tissue growth and expansion.
  5. Tissue Remodeling:
    • Over time, the repeated application of traction is thought to contribute to tissue remodeling, potentially resulting in the expansion of penile length and girth.
    • Some devices may target specific areas, such as the shaft or the entire length of the penis, based on the design.
  6. Increased Blood Flow:
    • Traction may also have a positive impact on blood circulation in the penile tissues.
    • Improved blood flow can support overall penile health and potentially aid in conditions such as Peyronie's disease, where scar tissue causes penile curvature.
  7. Patient Monitoring:
    • Users are advised to monitor their progress and adjust the tension or duration of use based on their comfort and individual responses.

It's important to approach penis traction with caution and follow the guidelines provided by the device manufacturer. Consultation with healthcare professionals is recommended, especially for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. Additionally, realistic expectations and consistent, responsible use are key factors for those considering penis traction as a potential method for penile enhancement.

It it safe to use Penis Traction?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2023, the Phallosan Forte device is generally considered safe for use when used according to the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations. However, individual responses to any form of penile traction device may vary, and it's crucial for users to approach its use with caution and responsibility. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Follow Guidelines: Adhering strictly to the usage guidelines provided by the manufacturer is essential. This includes recommendations on duration of use, tension settings, and other usage instructions.
  2. Gradual Introduction: It's often advised to start using the device gradually, allowing your body to adapt to the traction. This can help minimize any potential discomfort or adverse reactions.
  3. Comfort and Tolerance: Pay attention to your comfort level during and after usage. Discomfort or pain is not normal and may indicate incorrect usage. Adjust the tension or duration if necessary.
  4. Consultation with Healthcare Professionals: Before using any penile traction device, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or concerns, it's advisable to consult with healthcare professionals. They can provide guidance on whether such devices are suitable for your individual circumstances.
  5. Regular Monitoring: Regularly monitor your progress and be attentive to any changes. If you experience persistent discomfort or adverse effects, discontinue use and seek advice from healthcare professionals.
  6. Consistency and Patience: Results from penile traction devices, including Phallosan Forte, may take time. Consistent and patient use is often emphasized for potential benefits.
  7. Individual Variability: Keep in mind that individual responses to penile traction devices can vary. What works for one person may not have the same effects for another.
  8. Peyronie's Disease: Penis extender is sometimes used as a therapeutic device for conditions like Peyronie's disease, but it should be used under the guidance of healthcare professionals in such cases.

Always ensure that you purchase the device from a reputable source, and if there are any updates or changes to the product or its guidelines, check the official Phallosan Forte website or contact the manufacturer for the latest information. If you have specific health concerns or questions, consulting with a healthcare professional is crucial before using any penile traction device.

How Penis Extenders Can Help Manage Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a condition that affects many men, causing the penis to develop a significant curvature during erections. This condition can result in pain, discomfort, and psychological distress, affecting both sexual function and self-esteem. While there are various treatments available for Peyronie’s disease, one non-invasive and promising approach is the use of penis extenders. In this article, we will explore how penis extenders can help manage Peyronie’s disease and improve the quality of life for affected individuals.

Understanding Peyronie’s Disease:

Peyronie’s disease is characterized by the development of fibrous scar tissue (plaque) within the penile shaft. This plaque can cause the penis to curve significantly during erections, making sexual intercourse difficult or impossible. The curvature may vary in severity and direction, leading to a range of symptoms, including pain, erectile dysfunction, and emotional distress.

The Role of Penis Extenders:

Penis extenders, also known as penile traction devices, are medical devices designed to apply gentle and controlled tension to the penis over an extended period. While they are commonly used for penile enlargement, penis extenders have shown promise in addressing the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease through the following mechanisms:

1. Tissue Remodeling: Penis extenders work by exerting consistent and gradual traction on the penis. This controlled tension can help to break down the fibrous plaque that causes curvature in Peyronie’s disease. Over time, this can lead to a reduction in the curvature and improved penile alignment during erections.

2. Improved Blood Flow: The use of penis extenders can stimulate blood flow to the affected area. Increased circulation is essential for tissue health and can support the natural healing process. Enhanced blood flow may help reduce pain and discomfort associated with Peyronie’s disease.

3. Prevention of Further Curvature: By using a penis extender, individuals with Peyronie’s disease can prevent the condition from worsening. It can help maintain penile alignment during erections, preventing further curvature development.

4. Improved Self-Confidence: Managing the curvature and related symptoms of Peyronie’s disease can have a positive impact on a man’s self-esteem and sexual confidence. This improvement in self-image can contribute to a more satisfying sex life and overall well-being.

Considerations and Precautions:

While penis extenders offer a non-invasive approach to managing Peyronie’s disease, it’s essential to keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Consultation with a Healthcare Professional: Before using a penis extender for Peyronie’s disease, individuals should consult with a urologist or healthcare provider. A medical assessment can help determine the severity of the condition and whether a penis extender is a suitable treatment option.

  • Proper Usage: It’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe and effective use of the penis extender. This includes starting with lower tension levels and gradually increasing them as comfort and tolerance allow.

  • Patience and Consistency: Results from using a penis extender for Peyronie’s disease may take time. Consistent and patient use of the device is essential for achieving the desired outcomes.

  • Monitoring Progress: Individuals using a penis extender should regularly monitor their progress and consult with their healthcare provider to adjust the treatment plan as needed.

In conclusion, penis extenders offer a promising non-invasive option for managing Peyronie’s disease. While they may not provide a cure, they can help reduce curvature, alleviate symptoms, and improve self-confidence. However, it’s crucial to approach their use with proper medical guidance and adhere to recommended protocols for safe and effective results.

Penis Extenders vs. Other Penis Enlargement Methods: A Comprehensive Comparison

Men seeking to enhance their penile size often encounter various methods promising enlargement, including penis extenders, pills, pumps, and surgery. Each method comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will compare penis extenders with other common penis enlargement methods to help you make an informed choice based on your preferences, goals, and considerations.

1. Penis Extenders:

Penis extenders, also known as penile traction devices, are non-invasive devices designed to apply controlled tension to the penis. Here are the key points to consider:

  • Non-Invasive: Penis extenders offer a non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical approach to penile enlargement. They work on the principle of tissue expansion, promoting the growth of new cells in the penis.

  • Gradual Results: Using a penis extender requires consistency and patience. Users typically wear the device for several hours a day over an extended period to see gradual, potentially permanent results.

  • Customization: Penis extenders often allow users to adjust the tension applied to the penis, providing a personalized and controlled approach to growth.

  • Safety: When used correctly and under proper guidance, penis extenders are generally considered safe. However, adherence to usage instructions is crucial to prevent discomfort or injury.

2. Pills (Supplements):

Pills or supplements for penis enlargement are taken orally. Here’s a comparison:

  • Convenience: Pills are easy to take and do not require external devices or daily wear.

  • Limited Scientific Support: Many enlargement pills lack robust scientific evidence to support their claims. The effectiveness of these supplements can vary widely.

  • Temporary Effects: Pills may provide temporary engorgement and improved blood flow but typically do not result in permanent enlargement.

  • Safety: The safety of enlargement pills can vary depending on the ingredients. Consultation with a healthcare professional is advisable.

3. Pumps (Vacuum Erection Devices):

Penis pumps create a vacuum to draw blood into the penis, temporarily increasing its size:

  • Quick Results: Pumps can provide immediate but temporary enlargement for sexual activity.

  • Temporary Effects: The effects of a pump are not permanent and diminish shortly after use.

  • Potential for Discomfort: Incorrect or excessive use of pumps can lead to discomfort, bruising, or potential injury.

4. Surgery (Penile Enlargement Surgery):

Surgery offers a more invasive approach to penis enlargement:

  • Potentially Significant Gains: Surgical procedures like penile lengthening or implants can result in substantial size increases.

  • Invasive and Risky: Penile surgery is invasive, costly, and carries potential risks, including scarring, loss of sensation, and complications.

  • Long Recovery: Recovery from surgery can be lengthy and may involve discomfort.


Choosing the right method for penis enlargement depends on individual goals, preferences, and tolerance for risk. Penis extenders offer a non-invasive, gradual, and potentially permanent approach to size enhancement. They are generally safe when used correctly. Pills may be convenient but often lack scientific backing, and pumps provide temporary results. Surgery offers more immediate gains but comes with higher risks and costs.

It’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before embarking on any enlargement method, particularly surgery. Additionally, realistic expectations, proper guidance, and adherence to usage instructions are essential for achieving safe and satisfactory results, regardless of the chosen method.

The Safety of Penis Extenders: A Comprehensive Guide

Penis extenders, also known as penile traction devices, are non-invasive devices designed to promote penile enlargement and address various penile health concerns. While they offer potential benefits, many individuals understandably have questions and concerns about their safety. In this article, we will explore the safety of penis extenders, addressing common questions and providing insights into their responsible use.

Understanding Penis Extenders:

Penis extenders operate on the principle of tissue expansion. They apply controlled and gradual tension to the penis, stimulating the growth of new cells and potentially resulting in increased penile length and girth. These devices consist of a base unit, extension rods or belts, and attachments that secure to the glans (head) of the penis.

Safety Considerations:

  1. Consultation with a Healthcare Professional: Before using a penis extender, it is essential to consult with a healthcare provider, preferably a urologist or sexual health specialist. They can assess your individual situation, discuss the appropriateness of using a penis extender, and provide guidance based on your specific needs and goals.

  2. Device Quality and Reliability: Choosing a high-quality penis extender from a reputable manufacturer is crucial. Reliable devices are typically made of medical-grade materials and meet safety standards. Check for certifications and user reviews to ensure you select a reputable product.

  3. Proper Sizing: Ensure that you choose the correct size of the extender to fit your anatomy comfortably. Ill-fitting devices can cause discomfort and may not provide optimal results. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for sizing and adjustments.

  4. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: Strictly adhere to the usage instructions provided by the manufacturer. This includes wearing the extender for the recommended duration and tension levels. Starting with lower tension settings and gradually increasing them as tolerance develops is usually recommended.

  5. Monitoring and Maintenance: Regularly inspect the device for any signs of wear, damage, or malfunction. Damaged components should be replaced promptly to ensure safety and effectiveness. Additionally, clean the device as instructed to maintain hygiene.

  6. Comfort and Sensation: Pay attention to your body’s signals during extender use. Discomfort, pain, numbness, or any adverse sensations should not be ignored. If you experience discomfort, release tension or remove the device immediately.

  7. Consistency and Patience: Penis enlargement with extenders is a gradual process that requires consistency and patience. Avoid overuse or excessive tension, as it can lead to discomfort or potential injury.

Safety Benefits:

  • Non-Invasive: Penis extenders offer a non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical approach to penile enhancement, reducing the risk associated with invasive procedures or medications.

  • Minimal Side Effects: When used correctly, the risk of adverse effects or complications is generally low.

  • Customization: Extenders allow users to customize their experience by adjusting tension levels and selecting comfort-enhancing accessories, enhancing overall safety and comfort.

  • Consultation: The involvement of a healthcare professional ensures that users receive personalized guidance, reducing the risk of misuse or inappropriate usage.


Penis extenders, when used responsibly and under proper guidance, can be a safe and effective option for individuals seeking penile enhancement or addressing certain penile health concerns. Consulting with a healthcare provider, choosing a reputable device, and adhering to usage instructions are essential steps in ensuring safety. Remember that results are typically gradual, so patience and consistency are key to achieving desired outcomes while minimizing risks.


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