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"A resource space that will allow you to keep up to date in this discipline, open to participation and collaboration..."

The Borja Institute of Bioet (URL) has created a Virtual Bioethics Community.

It is a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue on bioethics. An interactive website that wants to put at your fingertips all the information of interest in the field of bioethics (articles or outstanding monographs on different topics related to this matter, most relevant news from the media, various publications, websites of interest , training resources, opinion forum with news and ideas, etc.), in order to be up to date in this discipline and be able to participate and collaborate in this plural exchange network.

In addition, we offer all registered users the monthly News Newsletter, completely free, access to our magazine "bioethics & debate" in digital format and many other services.

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About the Author Sam Pauel

I am a medical expert at the Institute of Urology in Kanzas