When you and your partner are alone in the bedroom, how do you think to impress her? Funny joke? Smart monologue? Of course not! You famously take off your underwear and the girl enthusiastically shouts: “Wow, how big he is!” And you proudly hug her … stop! Or are you not?

And have you ever heard that emotional “wow” when you were out of panties? Unfortunately, statistics show that most men have an unsatisfactory penis size. It would seem that one can lose heart from this and give way to a real “macho” who “there” is all right, but no, we will not give up anything to anyone. We will make our penis bigger and impress our partner. Yes, yes, we will make the penis bigger, right from the comfort of your home! How? With the best penis pump.

What is a penis pump and how does it work?

A penis pump is a device that can be used to increase the size of the penis. The classic pump works by exposing the tissues of the penis to negative pressure, which is created by a vacuum.

The male genital organ consists of cavernous bodies (they resemble a sponge). When we are excited, the brain produces a special hormone, which stimulates the flow of blood, which fills the cavernous bodies, increasing their size. Thus, an erection occurs.

The cavernous bodies can be made larger and more elastic with a pump, making the penis larger.

There are two types of pumps:

  • Vacuum penis pumps
  • Hydro pumps (water) for the penis

The vacuum pump runs on air. Hydropump – on the water. To create negative pressure, the air is pumped out of the vacuum pump. From the hydro pump, respectively, water is pumped out. In both cases, the principle of negative pressure works. As a result, the penis becomes not only longer in length but also increases in girth.

The air pressure is not limited, it can be too strong, which means it can harm. Water cannot be “compressed” like air, which means water pressure is much safer for your penis. And this is what attracts the attention of Bathmate pumps, one of the best pump manufacturers on the market.

Bathmate Hydromax FAQ

Bathmate has helped millions of men get rid of their complexes over the years. And this is thanks to their fantastic innovations, the main of which is Bathmate hydro pumping.

Bathmate pumps are medical devices that, thanks to healthy blood flow, help to achieve significant results. The penis becomes larger in length and diameter, the libido improves, and the erection becomes firmer. And it’s all thanks to water! In hydro pumping, the penis is placed in a pump (cylinder) filled with water. The water is pumped out, creating negative pressure and your penis gets bigger. Fantasy!

How to choose the right Bathmate penis pump size?

Bathmate has several types of pumps that differ in size:

  • Hydromax 3 (for penises up to 3 inches (7 cm), erect)
  • Hydromax 5 (for penises up to 5 inches (12 cm), erect)
  • Hydromax 7 (for penises up to 7 inches (17 cm), erect)
  • Hydromax 9 (for penises up to 9 inches (22 cm), erect)

Therefore, you need to be honest with yourself when choosing a pump. If you are not sure which pump you should choose, I recommend using the Size Calculator on the official Bathmate website :


The strategy is simple: when you succeed at one size, you move on to the next. By the way, using a hydro pump, I discovered one unexpected surprise that turned my mind around the very process of using this device, I will talk about it below.

What materials are hydro penis pumps made of and what do they consist of?

Bathmate is deservedly popular in the market not only due to its efficiency but also due to the high quality of the materials from which the pumps are made. They are made of medical materials, the flask is made of polycarbonate.

Bathmate hydro pump is a cylinder (flask), on one side of which there are exhaust and inlet valves, on the other – a rubber corrugation. Bathmate pumps are available in three colors – red, blue, and clear.

How is the new Bathmate technology different from the old one?

Bathmate created the first hydro pump 16 years ago, since then the company has done a lot of research and implemented innovative technologies that have made the new version ( HydroMax series ) more efficient.

Bathmate HydroMax is a revolutionary new concept in penis enlargement technology. HydroMax generates 35% more internal pressure than a conventional hydro pump Bathmate, respectively, penis enlargement is much faster. All thanks to the unique bellows pump system.

The new system includes a special soft seal and a holder ring that provides maximum comfort to the penis and scrotum while negative pressure is maintained inside the flask. This model has a removable pump, which ensures maximum ease of cleaning after use.

What does medicine say about penis pumping?

Medical studies (particularly in the UK) have already confirmed the effectiveness of high-quality pumps several years ago. Pumps not only increase the size of the penis by 2 to 7 cm, but doctors recommend them in the treatment of impotence, and in some cases of Peyronie’s disease. Bathmate pumps have passed all the necessary research and testing, and have been awarded several quality marks from the European Community.

Hydromax, Hydro7, and HydroXtreme, what are the differences?

Hydromax, Hydro7, and HydroXtreme are popular series from Bathmate. How are they different? Which one to choose? After doing the analysis, I have formulated for you a brief summary of these models. Here is the review:

Hydro7 is designed for beginners. The negative pressure generated by the pump is gentler than other models, allowing your penis to feel more comfortable. The result is achieved a little longer. In my opinion, Hydro7 is the ideal choice for the user who has not used such devices before.

HydroMax, these pumps are perfect for users who are already familiar with hydro pumps from experience, have achieved initial results, and want to increase their level. HydroMax increases your sexual stamina. The penis becomes larger and much harder. Thanks to the stronger pressure (which is 35% more than Hydro7), results are achieved faster. In addition, the series is provided in various sizes and will fit any size.

HydroXtreme is explicitly designed for advanced users. This is the most powerful series of pumps sold by Bathmate. HydroXtreme is considered not only the most powerful but also guaranteed to give results among hydro pumps on the market. 89% of users do not hide their delight in using this pump. I recommend HydroXtreme to those who have already outgrown Hydro7 and HydroMax.

What are the benefits of using the Bathmate Hydromax?

a. Penis Enlargement: The primary goal for many users is to increase penis size. While individual results may vary, consistent use over time can lead to a visible increase in length and girth.

b. Improved Sexual Performance: Some men use the Bathmate Hydromax to achieve firmer and longer-lasting erections. The device can also help combat erectile dysfunction.

c. Penile Health: Regular use may lead to improved blood flow and penile health. It can help with conditions like Peyronie’s disease, promoting better curvature correction.

d. Confidence Boost: Achieving positive results can lead to increased self-confidence and a better self-image, contributing to overall sexual well-being.

Is it safe to use the Bathmate Hydromax?

The Bathmate Hydromax is generally safe when used as directed. However, it’s essential to follow the instructions provided with the product to minimize the risk of injury. Users should avoid over-pumping, as excessive pressure can lead to discomfort, bruising, or even damage. If you have any underlying medical conditions, consult with a healthcare professional before using the device to ensure it’s safe for you.

How long should I use the Bathmate Hydromax?

For best results, it’s recommended to use the Bathmate Hydromax regularly. Many users opt for 15-20 minute sessions, three to five times a week. However, individual needs and goals may vary, so it’s essential to tailor your routine to your comfort and objectives. Start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the duration and intensity as your body adapts.

Can the Bathmate Hydromax be used in the shower or bath?

Yes, one of the advantages of the Bathmate Hydromax is its ability to be used in water. It can be used in the shower or bath, which can make the experience more comfortable and convenient.

How long does it take to see results?

Results from using the Bathmate Hydromax can vary from person to person. Some users report seeing improvements in a matter of weeks, while others may take a few months to notice a significant difference. Consistency and patience are key when using this device.

Is the Bathmate Hydromax discreet?

The Bathmate Hydromax comes with a discreet design and packaging, making it easy to store and use without drawing unwanted attention. Its subtle design ensures your privacy while using the device.

Brief summary:

  • If you are afraid of strong pressure, then Hydro7 is for you. There is only one model Hydro7 (for penises from 5 to 7 inches.
  • HydroMax series pumps deliver 35% pressure, suitable for intermediate level users who have already used the Hydro7 and want to level up. There are different sizes.
  • But if you are already an experienced user and want to enlarge your penis even more, then HydroXtreme is designed just for you. This innovative and unique series of pumps unlocks your full potential by increasing your penis size and boosting your erection strength and sexual performance.

How to use a Hydromax pump in the shower and bath?

The hydro penis pump should be used in the bath or shower, making it very easy to integrate penis enlargement into your daily routine. Here are some of my personal tips for using the Bathmate pump :

In the shower:

  • Turn on the water in the shower. The water should be at a comfortable temperature (warm).
  • Stand under the streams of water for a few minutes and relax.
  • We take a hydro pump, fill it with water, and put it on the penis (from bottom to top).
  • In order to prevent the scrotum from being sucked in, we pull its skin down until it feels comfortable.
  • Gently press the Hydromax pump, the corrugation is compressed, and excess water is forced out through the top valve.
  • Hold in a comfortable position for 3-5 minutes.
  • Rest 1-2 minutes.
  • Do 3-5 approaches.

For the convenience of the procedure in the shower, you can purchase a special belt that will free your hands.

In the bathroom:

  • Get water in the bath. The water temperature should be approximately 35 degrees Celsius.
  • Dip into the water, relax for 5-10 minutes, and let the body warm up. During this time, the body will warm up, which will cause rapid growth of the penis.
  • Lower the Hydromax pump into the water.
  • Put the device on your penis.
  • Click on the pump so that water begins to come out of it. This effect is similar to a vacuum and increases blood circulation in the pelvic area.
  • Hold this position for 3-5 minutes, controlling the pressure using the scale on the pump.
  • Rest 1-2 minutes.
  • Do 3-5 sets.

The total procedure time should not exceed 20 minutes.

My personal opinion is that it is much more comfortable to do this in the bathroom, but of course, with daily use, it is much faster to do it in the shower.

Step-by-step instructions for using a Hydromax

Here is a recommended scheme for the correct use of a hydro penis pump :

  • The Hydromax pump is carefully treated with an antiseptic.
  • A cream is applied to the penis, designed to activate blood circulation.
  • Pour clean water into the flask, the temperature of which will not exceed 35-45 degrees.
  • The penis (relaxed) is inserted into a special hole. It is recommended to impregnate the entry point with a special lubricant beforehand. This will help to avoid injury to the penis when removing the organ from the device.
  • Excess water must be released using the valve located on the other side of the Hyromax pump.
  • The corrugation must be brought to the pubis, squeezing at the base. Thus, excess water will drain, and negative pressure is formed inside the flask. Keep the penis in a vacuum should be for 3-5 minutes.
  • After that, you need to make progressive movements. As a result, a vacuum is created inside the flask. To regulate the pressure inside the vessel in which the penis is located, the corrugation must be pressed against the pubis and smoothly lowered.
  • Then the hydro pump must be removed and the penis massaged for about half a minute.
  • One workout consists of 3-5 sets. To remove the pump, you need to depressurize the pressure by pressing the transparent tip of the device.

From myself I want to add that for greater comfort and fit of the corrugations to the pubis, it is better to shave off the pubic hair. In addition, it will give your penis a more aesthetic appearance, your partner will love it.

Daily use and recommendations

The more often the Hydromax is used, the larger the vessels that fill with blood become, and, accordingly, the size of the penis increases. Using a hydro pump is like working out in the gym. The more often you train, the more noticeable and longer the effect will be. Two weeks of daily use of the pump will give a noticeable result: the penis will become larger in length and in diameter.


  • once a day (15-20 minutes)
  • 5 days a week

Increasing the load should be gradual: the tissues need time to adapt to the maximum pressure of the hydro pump. The adaptation period may take 1-2 weeks.

Factors affecting the efficiency of the Hydromax penis pump :

  • If a man has a sedentary job, the effect of using the device may not be immediately noticeable. This is due to the fact that with an inactive lifestyle, blood circulation in the pelvic area worsens;
  • The age of the representative of the stronger sex. In the presence of age-related changes, the pump may be ineffective. With a sharp deterioration in erection, it is recommended to undergo a complete examination by a urologist before using the device;
  • In the daily menu of a user who leads an active sex life, there should be protein-rich foods. The consumption of carbohydrates and fats is recommended to be limited;
  • The duration and regularity of the use of the pump. Daily use gives faster and longer-lasting results.

How much can a Hydromax increase penis size?

The results of using Bathmate pumps vary greatly depending on the individual and the frequency of training. Some users report a noticeable increase in length/girth after a few months of regular use. The manufacturer guarantees satisfactory results, no matter what you expect.

According to user reviews, while using the hydro pump, the penis becomes 20-40% larger. However, if the frequency of training is not respected, then such success does not last long.

After 3 months of training, you can increase the length of the penis by 3-7 cm and its thickness by 30%.

The bonus of using a hydro pump will be an improvement in erection and an increase in its duration.

Positive properties of Hydromax reviewed

The result of using the pump is noticeable immediately – I note that you can use the pump before sexual intercourse for showiness. True, at the initial stages, the effect passes quickly enough, but with regular use, it becomes more and more noticeable and lasts longer.

The use of the pump positively affects the quality of life in general. Taking care of yourself makes you more confident. Sexual life goes to a new level: your partner gets great pleasure from intimacy with you and your life together becomes happier.

Unexpected surprise

When using the pump, I made a big discovery! The pump is a pleasure to use. The process itself creates a “sucking” effect, and when you relax in the bath with a pump… every man will love it!

Why Bathmate?

Bathmate is considered the world’s most famous penis hydro pump brand. The company has produced and sold millions of pumps from its range for over 18 years since its founding in 2004.

The company monitors the quality of its products and values its reputation, which is confirmed by the return policy. Bathmate offers a 60-day money-back policy, if you are not satisfied with something you will get your money back.

The company also gives a 2-year warranty on hydro pumps.

Where can I buy Bathmate Hydromax?

Bathmate brand is sold all over the world and given its massive popularity, there are many fakes and counterfeits of Bathmate products on the market.

These illegal copies, in many cases, look almost identical to the official Bathmate penis pumps but are made using cheaper, weaker, and inferior materials.

Every genuine Bathmate product has a PID number. It is indicated on the measurement scale placed on the cylinder. This PID number is used to authenticate your Bathmate purchase and activate your 2-year warranty.

To be sure that you are getting a real Bathmate hydro pump, I highly recommend ordering from the official website:


The bonus of the order on the site will be free shipping worldwide.

Final review

The main question: does the Hydromax pump increase the size of the penis? Undoubtedly yes! However, I note that the effect will be short-lived if you practice with the pump irregularly. Practice daily for maximum results.

The process is pleasant and does not take much time, moreover, classes with a hydro pump fit perfectly into everyday life.

Bathmate offers different ranges of hydro pumps, and you can find the perfect one for you. Personally, I think the Hydromax pump is the ideal choice. This is Bathmate ‘s most popular and best-selling model, which perfectly balances the best price, powerful pressure, and safety of use. The pump is available in different sizes and will suit everyone. 92% of customers are satisfied with the Hydromax pump.