The problem of erectile dysfunction is solved in many ways today, with each man finding a safe and most effective treatment for his personal needs by researching and studying all possible options.

I write this review of the best penis pumps on the market based on my experience with Bathmate male enhancement pumps. This article will be useful if you’re looking for a real user experience. I have included as much information as possible—including details not found on official websites, review sites, and other resources.

I’ll discuss my experience using these premier pumps and my personally achieved results with the Bathmate.

The Results of Using 5 Best Penis Pumps

  • #1. HydroXtreme
    Manual/Auto pumping, maximum power, fast results, different sizes, the best accessories for safety; Prices: $209-399; Sizes: Up to 3”-up to 11”
  • #2. Hydromax
    Auto pumping with the new technology; affordable price; fast and long-lasting results; Prices: $129-$199; Sizes: Up to 3”-Up to 9”;
  • #3. Hydro7
    Cheap price; The original Bathmate pumping technology; Price: $110; Size: from 5 to 7”;
  • #4. Penomet
    A unique gaiter system; Helps to stop premature ejaculation; Penis enlargement results; Prices: $127-$297
  • #5. Androvacuum
    The only FDA approved vacuum penis pump; simple construction; safe and effective pumping; long-lasting results; Price: $149;

Different devices draw varied opinions, ranging from success stories to reports of men using penis pumps in vain when unsatisfied with their results.

I approached the issue as a journalist and a man who recently began suffering from erectile dysfunction. Speaking candidly, however, I have always dreamed of making my erection stronger.

I quickly realized that with the help of a modern hydro penis pump such as Bathmate, I could achieve a visual increase in the length of my penis while strengthening my erection.

This review speaks to a “real-life” application of Bathmate penis-pumping technology to solve a specific problem: a weak erection.

Cutting to the chase, allow me to share my results:

  • My erect penis is now significantly larger (25% in length and 15% in width)
  • My erection began to appear much faster, quickly gaining strength
  • My sexual stamina increased, making sex so much better
  • My confidence grew concerning pleasing a sexual partner
  • My orgasms became more pulsating and long-lasting
  • My ejaculation recovery time decreased, allowing me to enjoy multiple rounds of sex in a short time period

Penis Pump Before and After Results(Before/After)

In the past, my sexual encounters were quick as my erection lasted only 10 minutes. However, after I spent an extended amount of time trying to gain an erection, my erect penis was visually smaller than the average parameters.

These issues confused my sexual partner and me, so I’m insanely happy that I was not afraid to try the modern Bathmate hydro penis pump.

Having also tried an Andromedical vacuum device (called the Androvacuum) on several occasions, I quickly became uncomfortable when the vacuum negatively impacted my penis glans. Hence, I abandoned the idea of continued use.

Why is Bathmate the best penis pump on the market?

Let’s quickly move on to the essence of this review: the benefit of a high-quality, effective, safe penis pump that quickly restores lost erectile abilities and improves penis size.

The fitness provided by this device helps disperse blood to expand penis tissues so they can receive an increased blood flow.

The result? A stronger erection, longer, wider penis, and—most importantly—complete relief from erectile dysfunction without a single pill or messy ointment.

Can this be referred to as penis enlargement? Possibly, as the Corpus Cavernosum lets in more blood and turn expands the size of the penis.

Bathmate hydro penis pumps: what to know first

Until 2004, the entire world knew only of electric penis pumps that quickly produced an erection using a vacuum-based system. However, as these penis pumps created a vacuum inside the tube containing the penis, this contact could lead to sad consequences if the man applied too much power or used the product over an extended period of time.

Redness of the penis and the rupture of capillaries were common injuries sustained in pursuit of an erection. It, therefore, became necessary to develop a technology that could neutralize the impact of a harmful (and painful!) traumatic vacuum experience.

Luckily, a solution was in sight. Bathmate hydro penis pumps set out to use water within the vacuum tube, softening the effect of the vacuum, distributing the force equally throughout the shaft of the penis, and restoring penile tissue after exposure to negative pressure in the tube.

At the same time, it became possible to use the pump for a longer period of time with a manual handball: an additional force of impact to achieve maximum results.

These innovations helped Bathmate bring the most advanced and unique hydro-pumping technology (invented by UK company DX Products LLC) to market. As a result, a medical device of the highest quality was developed, which worked flawlessly to achieve excellent results with consistent use and no side effects.

Yes, we are discussing the most authentic male enhancement therapy, which is designed to save a man from erectile problems while increasing erection size up to 30%: all without side effects.

Water can heal tissue ruptures to help mitigate consequences, while at the same time, stretched tissues allow more blood to enter, so the erection appears much more significant.

Moreover, water serves as an excellent vacuum conductor, and its emollient effects achieve optimal results in strengthening erections and enlarging the penis.

Product instructions state these penis pumps are proven effective and offer a guaranteed result if used correctly. Twenty years have passed since the launch of the first Bathmate series (Hercules and Goliath pumps), with the former (now called Hydro7) still on sale to the tune of excellent results.

A few words about penis extenders

One can perhaps draw an analogy with penis extenders, which were initially introduced to the market by Dana Medic. The first device featured rods, tension screws, and a strap for attaching the head of the penis called JES EXTENDER. For 20 years now, the penis traction device continues to operate as a modern, efficient system as it did many years ago.

As an aside, any men out there thinking about penis enlargement may consider buying a penis extender: knowing that the Quick Extender Pro is considered the best on the market.

How was the best penis pump in the world created?

The first Bathmate technology dates back to 2004 when John Wax invented hydro penis pumping technology—which is still available and sold. The last iteration of the first Bathmate series pump is the Hydro 7 (formerly the “Hercules” model, as previously mentioned).

In total, Bathmate currently offers a pump series trio: HydroXtreme, Hydromax, and Hydro7. The former two series are made using new penis-pumping technology, which is more efficient and modern than older models.

According to research, this new approach to innovation has improved overall efficiency by 35%.

Bathmate pump series details

Hydromax exists within the middle price segment. This is no longer the Hydro7 based on the old technology, but also not the most expensive option discussed below.

Hydromax features a new automatic penis-pumping system that proves quite effective for most men and is, therefore, the most sought-after (and inexpensive!).

You can’t hurt yourself using Hydromax, as the system controls the force of the vacuum itself. Users need only create force using a few tube movements and fit the pubis as directed.

However, it’s important to mention that Hydromax lacks the maximum power to achieve faster and more impressive results.

The HydroXtreme is made with updated technology that is 35% more efficient and safer than the original Hydro7.

This penis pump features an automatic pumping mode with a vacuum valve and a manual mode with a handball: with the latter option achieving the most powerful vacuum power.

Newbies should not use this mode, and I would not recommend using a handball with less than three months of automatic pumping experience. Nevertheless, a handball becomes very useful for those wishing to make their erection more powerful, long-lasting, and visually impressive.

Bathmate penis pump sizes for better results

It must be said that the Bathmate Hydromax and HydroXtreme series offer different tube sizes depending on penis measurements. At the same time, the Hydro7 series is universally sized for men whose penis is less than 5 inches in length. Therefore, if your penis is larger, only the Hydromax or HydroXtreme series will suit you.

Tube size considerations

When visiting the Bathmate website, you can immediately select which pump you’d prefer in determining your size or otherwise browse the selection first and then go from there.

Which is your priority? Size matters because the better the tube fits, the more effective the pressure will be (fostering better dispersion throughout the shaft of the penis).

Regarding length, Hydromax and HydroXtreme offer four unique sizing options: up to 5”, 5-7”, 7-9”, and over 9”.

Separate devices are also available in these two series for a wide penis diameter: that’s how important sizing is. Wideboy pumps are designed to accommodate penises up to 6.5 inches in width.

While everyone can select the best size for their needs, the primary concern is understanding how to choose a pump and how they differ. Now that you know the differences between models, let’s re-review all the details to avoid getting lost on the Bathmate website:

  • Bathmate Pump Series: Hydro7, Hydromax, HydroXtreme
  • Suitable for different penis lengths: Up to 5 inches, 5-7 inches, 7-9 inches, over 9 inches
  • Ideal for different penis widths (up to 7 inches in length and 6.5 inches in width): Hydromax 7 Wideboy, HydroXtreme 7 Wideboy

How do Bathmate penis pumps work?

The operating principle of Bathmate penis pumps is to create negative pressure in the tube along with warm water, which is drawn almost to the top. A special valve located at the top of the pump, when switched on, creates a vacuum.

On the other side of the pump, a silicone corrugation fits snugly against the pubis and, under pressure, is blunt to the pubis with movement that creates a vacuum inside the tube with water.

Users then slightly maintain the vacuum by moving the tube towards the pubis: with the ability to release and then recreate the vacuum after 5 minutes.

That works out to three 5-minute sets and only 15 minutes a day! Users can also massage the penis between sets and after the entire pumping session to disperse the blood better.

One can also pump in the shower or bath, alternating between the two as needed. Showerers can use a special nozzle with a belt (shower strap) to avoid holding the pump.

Using the penis pump is very simple, and results are often visible after the first use—with an erection that is powerful and can last a long time, especially if you use a penis ring after pumping.

Many men use the penis pump just before sex to ensure their erection lasts and looks great.

If you decide to employ the Bathmate pump as a male enhancement therapy, use the product daily for at least a few months.

Safe, effective, guaranteed.

My opinion on Bathmate as the best penis pump

I am delighted with Bathmate technology and the materials’ quality, build quality, variety of accessories for comfort, and maintenance instructions.

The pump is truly high quality and represents the highest standards in its class. Not only this, but I have witnessed significant male enhancement results after using the HydroXtreme pump for 7 months.

The tube is made of medical plastic and does not become cloudy after repeated use. The vacuum, which I maintain full control over, is always tight.

Additionally, the provided handball that I began using 3 months after my initial Bathmate experience always works flawlessly with an ideal level of controllable vacuum power.

One can release the vacuum at any time by switching the valve at the top of the tube. So, in rounding out my primary review of the HydroXtreme pump, Bathmate is convenient, simple, comfortable, and efficient.

I initially chose Hydroxtreme penis pump after reading positive customer reviews on a forum. While many people buy Hydromax, my goal was to use it for a maximum of 3 months in order to increase the tube pressure for ideal results (an impossible task using only automation).

Further clarification regarding vacuum pressure

When you use a penis pump for a long time, the tissues stop stretching effectively to make your erection bigger after a period of time. Therefore, one must always increase the force of the vacuum and heighten the pressure to continue the cell division process.

This is the physiology and principle of the technology: constant pressure that increases with time. Furthermore, this provokes the formation of new tissue at the rupture site, which is further filled with blood due to the help of the vacuum.

Zooming out, these occurrences accelerate natural processes in the body. When blood circulation to the penis increases, you experience a normal, powerful erection instead of your current one.

More questions answered:

  • How will I know that I’m doing everything right?
  • When do I need to connect the handball?
  • How can I best use the pump?
  • What results can I expect?
  • Will I be able to enlarge my penis?
  • Can I hurt myself if I misuse the Bathmate pump in any way?
  • How long should I use it?

I asked myself these very same questions and more during my first experience with the penis pump, and yes, finding answers is so important. I will therefore answer the most pressing ones right now, with information lacking on the internet. Personal experience reigns supreme!

  • How will I know that I’m doing everything right?

If you follow the written instructions or watch the video, you definitely can’t go wrong. Secondly, criteria providing evidence of correct execution are the appearance of a good erection and the absence of discomfort or any side effects.

If the erection improves and you do not feel pain while using the pump or after that, rest assured that everything is fine.

  • When do I need to connect the handball?

Newbies should first use automation and only connect the handball to the pump after they become confident users (within a few months) and feel the load created by the pump no longer suits them.

When you feel the little effect, it’s time to connect the handball: which only takes seconds. You can now pump the vacuum by hand and pay attention to the sensation to avoid harming yourself.

It takes some time to learn how to handle the vacuum and understand your feelings, knowing you will achieve results if you feel the power of the vacuum and use it properly as part of your routine.

  • How can I best use the pump?

You can use HydroXtreme in two ways: automatically and manually. The first mode is for newbies, while the second is for confident and experienced users. As a primary rule, never try to jump over your level of competence. If you hurry, you may hurt yourself.

  • What results can I expect?

An excellent, powerful post-pump erection provides immediate gratification. You can see it, feel it, and it happens very quickly. That’s awesome!

But as so much more than just an erection improvement device, Bathmate HydroXtreme also offers male enhancement therapy: not only improving erections but also eradicating erectile problems and causing a visual increase in penis size. This is, in fact, possible with long-term use.

  • How long should I use the Bathmate pump?

We’re naturally seeking maximum results when discussing the best penis pump globally. Otherwise, what’s the point? You can make a smaller investment with Hydromax and achieve expected results after 3 months at a lower cost.

But with HydroXtreme, even more, significant results crop up after 4-5-6-7-8 months of use, in a progressive fashion:

  • The penis grows as tissues stretch
  • Erections get stronger and come on faster than without a pump
  • Sexual stamina improves with a consistent pumping routine
  • Ejaculation recovery speeds up, enabling multiple rounds of sex
  • Sexual desire increases
  • Orgasms become stronger and last longer after several months of use

What about Hydromax?

I can boldly give this pump a second-place ranking amongst the best ones on the market. It’s essentially the same as HydroXtreme but without additional accessories for strength, comfort, and performance.

You choose a tube size (with the same choices as HydroXtreme), but Hydromax costs less, has fewer features, and is best suited for a beginner.

Hydro7: still worth buying?

Yes, this pump is still considered effective and can regularly increase erections and even fight erectile dysfunction. But unfortunately, many consumers buy it just to try Bathmate and answer the question: “Do penis pumps work?”.

It is budget-friendly and costs only $110, but I do not understand men who set out to buy a very inexpensive device to fix severe erection problems. The solution must be adequate for the situation at hand.

So, feel free to start out with Hydro7, and in the event you learn it’s not for you, invest in HydroXtreme and pay for two pumps.

It’s also important to note that Hydro7 is only suitable for men whose penis length does not exceed 5 inches.

Unsure about your size?

If you don’t know your exact penis size, the Bathmate website offers specific tips on measuring your penis accurately and which products best fit those measurements.

Fakes and counterfeits

Be on the lookout for a low-quality wannabe Bathmate product currently on the market: Penomet. In making this knockoff, the designer completely copied the technology while adding something of his own: gaiters.

The principle of operation is the same, but different corrugated gaiters are used to change the vacuum force. At its core, this pump is of lower quality and less productive than Bathmate pumps.

Bathmate fakes exist everywhere, are sold in different places, and are made in China. With this in mind, remember to buy only Bathmate products only from official manufacturer websites:


All other websites, pharmacies, etc., lack a guarantee of quality, originality, efficiency, and safety. However, you can come away from this review knowing that Bathmate (specifically the HydroXtreme) is the best penis pump on the market and has never let me down during 7 months of use.

For a successful purchase experience, I recommend using the brand’s official online stores (noted above). Happy shopping!

Several alternatives to penis pumps exist, each with its own approach to potential penile enhancement. Here are some common alternatives to penis pumps:

  1. Penile Traction Devices:
    • How They Work: Penile traction devices, such as the PeniMaster Pro, work by applying a gentle and controlled stretching force to the penis. This traction is believed to promote tissue growth and potentially result in penile lengthening.
    • Considerations: Users need to wear the device consistently over time for potential benefits. Consultation with healthcare professionals is advisable.
  2. Penis Extenders:
    • How They Work: Penis extenders operate on a similar principle to penile traction devices, providing gradual stretching to the penis. They are designed to be worn discreetly under clothing.
    • Considerations: Like traction devices, consistent and responsible use is key. Users may experience gradual lengthening over an extended period.
  3. Penis Rings (Cock Rings):
    • How They Work: Penis rings are worn at the base of the penis to help maintain an erection by restricting blood flow out of the penis, resulting in a firmer and potentially larger-feeling erection.
    • Considerations: While they can enhance erection quality temporarily, they do not provide permanent size changes.
  4. Penis Exercises (Jelqing):
    • How They Work: Jelqing is a manual exercise involving rhythmic stretching and massaging of the penis. Some individuals incorporate jelqing into their routine for potential size enhancement.
    • Considerations: Proper technique and caution are essential to avoid injury. Consult with healthcare professionals before starting manual exercises.
  5. Penis Weight Hanging:
    • How They Work: This method involves hanging weights from the penis to apply tension. It’s considered an unconventional and less common approach to potential enlargement.
    • Considerations: The use of weights for penile enlargement can pose risks, and consultation with healthcare professionals is crucial.
  6. Penis Enlargement Pills:
    • How They Work: These are oral supplements claiming to enhance penis size. They often contain a mix of herbs, vitamins, and minerals.
    • Considerations: The efficacy of penis enlargement pills is a subject of debate, and caution is advised due to the lack of scientific evidence supporting their claims.
  7. Surgery (Penile Lengthening Surgery):
    • How It Works: Surgical procedures involve cutting the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone, potentially allowing more of the penile shaft to be visible.
    • Considerations: Surgical interventions carry risks and should be considered a last resort. Consultation with specialized healthcare professionals is crucial.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness and safety of these alternatives can vary, and individual responses may differ. Prioritize responsible use, consult with healthcare professionals, and approach any method for potential penile enhancement with realistic expectations.

Choosing Between Water and Air Penis Pumps: A Comprehensive Comparison

The quest for penile enhancement has led to the development of various devices, and among them, penis pumps stand out as popular choices. Two primary types of penis pumps are water pumps and air pumps, each employing distinct mechanisms for potential benefits. In this article, we’ll delve into a comprehensive comparison of water and air penis pumps, exploring their features, benefits, and considerations to help you make an informed decision.

1. Water Penis Pumps:

How They Work:

Water penis pumps, exemplified by products like the Bathmate HydroXtreme, utilize water to create a vacuum around the penis. This is achieved by filling the pump with water and then using the vacuum to generate suction.


  • Improved Comfort: The water provides a cushioning effect, potentially enhancing comfort during use.
  • Enhanced Blood Flow: The warm water can promote increased blood flow, contributing to potential temporary enlargement and overall penile health.
  • Ease of Use in Water: Can be used in the shower or bath for added convenience.


  • Water Leakage: Some users may experience water leakage, and maintaining a proper seal is crucial for optimal performance.
  • Initial Learning Curve: Users may need some time to master the technique of creating a proper vacuum.

2. Air Penis Pumps:

How They Work:

Air penis pumps, exemplified by devices like the traditional vacuum pump or the Penomet, rely on air to create a vacuum. The user manually pumps air out of the chamber to generate suction.


  • Ease of Use: Generally straightforward to use, with a simple pumping action to create a vacuum.
  • Precision Control: Users have direct control over the level of suction, allowing for more precise adjustments.
  • No Risk of Leakage: Unlike water pumps, air pumps typically don’t pose the risk of leakage.


  • Potential Discomfort: Without the cushioning effect of water, some users may find air pumps less comfortable, especially at higher levels of suction.
  • Less Convenient in Water: While air pumps can be used in water, they are not specifically designed for it and may be less convenient than water pumps in aquatic settings.

Choosing the Right Pump for You:

1. Personal Comfort:

Consider which type of pump provides the most comfortable experience for you. Some users prefer the cushioning effect of water, while others may find air pumps more comfortable.

2. Convenience:

If the ability to use the pump in water is essential to you, a water pump like the Bathmate HydroXtreme may be more suitable. However, if you prefer simplicity and precision control, an air pump might be preferable.

3. Adjustability:

Air pumps offer more direct control over suction levels, allowing for precise adjustments. If fine-tuning is a priority, an air pump may be the better choice.

4. Leakage Concerns:

If the potential for water leakage is a significant concern, an air pump eliminates this issue. Users who prioritize a tight seal may find air pumps more reliable in this aspect.

In conclusion, both water and air penis pumps have their unique advantages, and the choice between them ultimately depends on personal preferences and priorities. Whether you opt for the comfort and convenience of a water pump or the direct control of an air pump, responsible use and adherence to guidelines are crucial for a safe and potentially effective experience.


To be honest, I really don’t see the point in talking about vacuum-based pumps in this review of the best penis pumps on the market. Even the best one – the Androvacuum is less efficient, safe, and comfortable than any Bathmate pump.