Best Vacuum Penis Extender

You have definitely decided that you want to buy a vacuum extender, but you just can’t choose which one is better to buy? I recorded this video as users of two popular Phallosan extenders Forte and Penimaster PRO . I will help you make this difficult choice based on your goals and objectives. That’s right – it is very important to determine for yourself what you prioritize before buying an extender:

  • – comfort
  • – settings accuracy
  • – safety
  • – fast result
  • – ease of use
  • – the ability to sleep with the extender at night
  • – the ability to wear it outside the home
  • – sufficient traction force for fast results
  • – the extender should fit my penis size well
  • – price

See how many requirements. In this video, you will definitely be able to decide for yourself which extender to choose for long-term use with the fastest result.

I managed to increase my penis by 2 inches with one of the extenders, but with the second one there were more problems and less results. But he had other advantages. Well, let’s talk about everything in order.

Why vacuum extender?

Vacuum adhesion technology and extender design allow you to use it with maximum comfort. I have tried 9 different extenders over the course of 1.5 years and I can say for sure that using an extender can be associated with discomfort when you use a classic device in which the head of the penis is held in the system with a strap or silicone loop.

Vacuum Extenders Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO are designed in such a way that the head of the penis is in a vacuum chamber, where it is not even affected by vacuum, as it is protected by a membrane or condom. Moreover, this retention is very strong, and the penis is comfortable for several hours. By increasing the time of wearing the extender with a good load, you thereby achieve a quick result.

Dynamic and static load

Both extenders have not only a strap fastening, but also a rigid design with rods. You can hold the penis in the vacuum chamber, but further stretch it with the tension rods and screws. Simply brilliant. When you wear an extender on a strap across your belt, or across your knee or shoulder, you are using a dynamic load. When your penis is in a barbell design, it’s a static load. That’s why I recommend you buy the Penimaster package. PRO complete Set by Penimaster PRO in which there are 2 types of device – strap and rod. And Phallosan Forte with a PLUS prefix , as it is the same solution.

So what is the best device?

Let’s go point by point:


Both extenders offer the best level of comfort, they are just the same here. Although the Penimaster PRO camera is considered anatomically correct

Setting accuracy

If we talk about a strap extender, then dynamic load matters here. Your penis just needs to be securely fixed in the vacuum chamber and not protrude. If we are talking about a rod extender, then Penimaster is definitely better here. PRO Rod extender. It is complete and more reliable than Phallosan Forte plus . In addition, he has more rods in the kit, he even looks more reliable. PLUS some very flimsy and there is no way to fine-tune the rods, there are not enough of them in the kit.


Both extenders are considered safe if you wear them according to the instructions.

Quick result

You will get fast results with Penimaster PRO complete set . Since you will have the opportunity to use both dynamic and static load. You can also wear the belt beyond the belt like the Phallosan. Forte , but also over the shoulder or knee. The longer you wear the extender, the higher the thrust, the more correct your settings, the faster the result.

Ease of use

Looks like Phallosan to me Forte is easier to set up, get ready for use, and easier to use. It has a bright tension indication scale and does not take long to assemble. In this penimaster PRO loses, although in the end – the extender itself is better personalized and allows you to set the exact settings.

Possibility to sleep with the extender at night

Both extenders allow you to sleep with it at night. This only applies to versions with a tension belt.

Possibility to wear the extender outside the home

Penimaster also has such an opportunity. PRO and Phallosan Fort . Only this applies to the version with a tension belt. It is easier to hide under clothing.

Traction force

In this regard, Phallosan Forte gives more possibilities, since the pulling force is possible up to 4000gr. Although in reality 1200 gr is the maximum for Penimaster PRO is enough to effectively stretch the penis.

Fine-tune the device to your penis size

Here is clearly the leader of Penimaster PRO since both Belt versions Extender and Rod The Extender have a maximum of accessories and settings so that you can use your penis with its length and width. Phallosan Forte offers 3 sizes of their vacuum chamber and it’s just a cap, not the anatomical design of the penis head like the Penimaster PRO .


Penimaster PRO more cheap extender than the Phallosan Forte. I also want to note that the Phallosan version Forte Plus may not be available on the site for purchase.

So I can claim as a user that Penimaster PRO is the best vacuum device with many accessories and use cases. You can purchase it on the official website from the link in the description.