The 21st century is not only a century of intensive progress of innovative technologies but also a century of various complexes. One of the global problems among men is dissatisfaction with the size of the penis. We (men) want to be admired by our intimate partners, but many of us, unfortunately, have a below-average penis size.

And instead of admiration, we see regret in the eyes of our partners. Not to mention the fact that the small size of the penis does not give our partner sexual satisfaction and often such relationships fall apart very quickly.

But this is not the time to despair! There is a way to make things right! And not only increase the size of the penis, but also its thickness, as well as align it (if necessary).

And all this can be done at home! Now I know exactly how the productive Penimaster PRO does it.

Does Penimaster PRO really work?

The main feature of the extender Penimaster PRO is that it is officially recognized as a urological medical device designed to increase the thickening and straightening of the penis. It is manufactured from high-quality materials in Germany by MSP Concept GmbH & Co.

MSP Concept GmbH & Co has been manufacturing and improving extenders for over 20 years and is one of the industry leaders.

Application of extenders Penimaster PRO

  • penis lengthening
  • enlargement of the penis
  • enlargement of the glans penis
  • straightening or curvatures
  • erection improvement
  • therapeutic use

Penimaster PRO has been successfully used for corrective penis enlargement and straightening, for Peyronie’s disease (IPP), or for the treatment of the penis before and after surgery (for example, when removing the prostate).

This device is suitable for penises of any size with circumcised and uncircumcised foreskin!

Penis enlargement at home has never been so easy and comfortable as with Penimaster PRO!

How Penimaster PRO enlarges the penis?

Penimaster PRO are medical penis extenders that gently and painlessly stretch the penis for a long time, enlarging and straightening it. The head of the penis is fixed in the extender, stretching the shaft of the penis, thus stimulating the cell tissue to grow. Don’t worry, this is a completely painless procedure.

Operating principle:

  • prolonged stretching stimulates and trains the penis
  • regular use ensures the appearance of new cells in the penis
  • due to this, there is an elongation, thickening, and straightening of the penis

The action of Penimaster PRO is based on the medical principle of penis traction. One example of the natural elongation of a body part is the change in the length and shape of the female breast with age, and under the influence of a constant force of gravity acting on body tissues, the breast is stretched.

The same applies to changes in the face under the influence of the aging process: the formation of a hanging second chin and bags under the eyes. Also, a natural change in skin tissue under the influence of pressure forces occurs during pregnancy.

These natural principles provide such amazing efficiency for penis extenders.

Penimaster PRO with a suspension system allows the penis to hang freely while being subjected to traction. This makes the Penimaster PRO ideal for individual use at home.

A special suspension system transmits a predetermined, constant traction force to the penis, stretching it vertically downwards. The initial recommended weight is 250g can be gradually increased in steps to 125g.

Penimaster PRO should be worn for several hours a day. Wearing is so comfortable that it will not affect your daily lifestyle. You can work comfortably while sitting or playing on the computer and watch movies and TV shows.

Penimaster PRO can also be used on the move, in a standing position, doing housework that does not require high activity (cleaning, cooking, etc.). It can be used in the supine position on the stomach.

What does the Penimaster PRO system consist of?

System kit Penimaster PRO package includes:

  • Belt based tension system
  • Tensioning system based on metal rods with a set of rods
  • docking socket
  • sluice ring
  • Split adapters (two sizes)
  • Standard diverter valve
  • Putting on the system with a vacuum bulb
  • Comfort and care products for ProMaster
  • 2 x Sluice made of soft latex, small size
  • 2 x medium soft latex sluice
  • 2 x Sluice made of soft latex large size
  • 2 x Small Size Soft Latex Adhesion Membrane
  • 2 x Medium Size Soft Latex Adhesion Membrane
  • 2 x Large Size Soft Latex Adhesion Membrane
  • Guide in different languages.
  • Video instruction in different languages.

Opinion: Should I use Penimaster PRO?

In my opinion, the main advantage of the Penimaster PRO is a manufacturing company. One of the market leaders, MSP Concept GmbH & Co, has been manufacturing extenders since 1998. This company values its reputation and has a quality mark.

Compared to other similar companies that produce the same penis extenders year after year, MSP Concept GmbH & Co not only produce quality products but also improves them by introducing the latest, innovative developments, while taking into account the wishes of its customers.

Penimaster PRO is one of the most modern on the market, the most focused on results. The company is deservedly certified according to EN ISO 13485.

Is there anything more important than a proven, certified guarantee of quality and safety when it comes to your penis? Personally, I do not trust my penis to non-certified devices.

MSP Concept GmbH & Co offers us:

  • warranty for extenders Penimaster PRO from the company for a period of 5 years!
  • 100% money back if you are not satisfied with the results

I believe that such a long-term guarantee and 100% money back are an additional confirmation of the quality of the product and its effectiveness.

The strength of the Penimaster PRO – proven medical effectiveness. But the result is exactly what I need from any extender.

Extender advantages Penimaster PRO before its counterparts, in my opinion, are:

  • an intuitive approach to use
  • lack of pressure on the pubic bone (this is a problem for many analogs)
  • static weights for constant pulling force (no need to twist bars while wearing)
  • certified safety system (weights will not fall off and fall on your leg)
  • smart gradation of traction force, which allows you to control the traction effectively
  • there is no need for a fulcrum on the shaft of the penis, which makes the use of the extender much more comfortable

Having analyzed the extenders from different manufacturers, I realized that the extender Penimaster PRO is a high-quality, innovative device that is safe, comfortable to wear, and made with the consumer in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Using the extender Is Penimaster PRO safe for health?

This penis extender is officially recognized as a urological medical device designed to increase the thickening and straightening of the penis. Certified EN ISO 13485. Penimaster PRO is completely safe for health.

  • How fast when using a Penimaster PRO result?

Clinical studies have proven that with proper daily use, visible results will appear after 30 days of use.

  • How much can I enlarge my penis using Penimaster PRO?

Using the penis extender for several hours a day every day, you can increase the length of the penis up to 10mm within a month.

  • What conditions are needed to wear the extender? How will this affect my lifestyle?

Penimaster PRO is specially designed for maximum wearing comfort. Ease of use at home will allow you to keep a familiar image and do household chores.

  • Why Is Penimaster PRO different from other extenders?

The main difference between this penis stretcher, a manufacturing company that has been on the extender market since 1998, is now one of the leaders in this field. It is a recognized urological medical device certified for quality and safety. Many international doctors recommend Penimaster PRO for use. If you need a result – this is what you need!

Daily use of the extender Penimaster PRO

This penis stretcher is really the most effective. You need to wear it daily, for several hours. Wearing should become as habitual as morning washing. I read user reviews and compiled a list of recommendations that will help you not only monitor and control the process but also help you achieve maximum results.

  • it is more efficient to plan the time at which you can freely wear Penimaster PRO for several hours (the ideal time is in the evening: when you are relaxed after work and can relax watching a series or at a computer)
  • be sure to keep a log of the use of the extender, fixing intermediate results. It is convenient to use any notepad on your smartphone. It is always at hand.

The following parameters should be recorded:

  • How long did you wear the extender today?
  • What were your feelings?
  • What are the parameters of the penis today?
  • if you live with your soulmate, you should share your experiences with her and tell her that you will use the extender every day. Explain that her support and understanding are very important to you.

And a little advice from me personally: use ProMaster grease Comfort&Care, it gives better fixation of the head of the penis with an extender. The package is a transparent, odorless lubricant that does not cause allergies and is easily washed off both from skin and clothes. Lubricant ProMaster Comfort&Care has very low consumption, so that it will last for a long period.

What are the Penimaster PRO systems?

MSP Concept GmbH & Co offers a wide range of expander systems to suit the various individual needs of its customers. Let’s see what systems are there?

Penimaster PRO Rod expander:

Uniquely reliable system for certain traction on the penis. Creates the same stretching force at all points of the penis, and also provides stretching in a stimulated erection position. Includes tensile force indicator and fixing clip.

Penimaster PRO Belt expander:

For dynamic traction forces. Can be worn as a hip, shoulder, or knee strap if desired. By attaching the end of the belt to the pants or leg, there is no counteracting pressure on the shaft of the penis.

Penimaster PRO Suspension Based Expander:

“Bodybuilding” of the penis. The Penimaster PRO suspension system transmits a predetermined, constant traction force to the penis, stretched vertically downwards.

Penimaster PRO Basis:

Shaped like a head: securely holds the penis, even when you sweat! Patented technology with geometric fixation (fastening) of the glans penis without compression (compression) or deformation (shape change). The highest efficiency is achieved with the use of lubrication.

Penimaster Classic:

Modern classic model based on fixing belts. The fixation clip, wide fixation strap, and adaptive fixation walls provide the highest wearing comfort and durability in rod-based expanders with traditional fixation (attachment) of the penis.

Medical facts about Penimaster PRO

Whatever the product’s description, as a consumer, I am primarily interested in the medical side of the issue. I already wrote above that MSP Concept GmbH & Co has a medical certificate of the EN ISO 13485 standard, which confirms the medical effectiveness of the penis extender.

In addition, penis extender Penimaster PRO has gone through many different clinical studies. A major study was conducted in 2019:

  • six university clinics participated
  • over 90 patients
  • participation of internationally recognized urologists
  • publications in the British Journal of Urology (BJUI)
  • the results of the study are unique and not applicable to other expanders (analogs)

Clinical study results:

  • Penimaster PRO is safe and effective
  • Patients well receive Penimaster PRO
  • Penimaster PRO is fast-acting and has few side effects
  • Penimaster PRO corrects deformities in Peyronie’s disease (IPP, Induratio penis plastic ) by more than 50 percent in just three months
  • Penimaster PRO should be applied before the straightening operation, as a result of which, under certain circumstances, the operation will no longer be necessary.
  • Penimaster PRO enlarges the penis up to 10 mm per month
  • The special design of the Penimaster PRO allows you to wear the device for a long time and thus achieve good results that cannot be achieved with other analogs.

Also, many respected doctors, such as Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle recommend their patients use extenders. Penimaster PRO. Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle is internationally regarded as one of the most experienced plastic surgeons.

Author of numerous specialized books and scientific publications, including penis operations, awarded the Cross of the 1st degree for services to the Federal Republic of Germany. In his article, Prof. Lemperle highlights the benefits of penis extender in penile surgery and recommends the Penimaster PRO system due to its structural advantages.

I believe that the extender is a very powerful medical foundation.

Final review

A large clinical study conducted in 2019 proved the effectiveness of the extender Penimaster PRO and its uniqueness. There really are no analogs on the market in terms of quality, safety, comfort, and performance.

In addition, quite justifiably, Penimaster PRO is the choice of users. It is enough to read the numerous reviews of happy men who, thanks to the penis stretcher increased the size of their penis, regained their confidence, and improved their intimate life.